Friday, January 19, 2007

Boston Area Teen Murdered, No Gun Involved

A teenager was stabbed to death by another teen at a Boston area school this week, according to an Enemy Press AP story in the Victorville Daily Press. No antigun laws or assault weapons bans would have had any effect on this crime. Mayor Bloomberg's little group couldn't save the victim either.

Crime, and particularly murder, will happen whether guns are illegal or not. Everyone knows this, but our elected and unelected elites will continue their war against citizen self defense and constitutional rights anyway. Criminals don't obey laws, hence the name, criminal. Outlawing certain weapons will do nothing for lessening criminal's activities, but will only result in law abiding gun owners being denied their rights to keep and bear arms.

That essentially is what all gun control is about. Denying you, the common citizen, the right to protect yourself, family, and neighborhood from out of control criminal activity. Those who believe they have right to rule also believe they know best for you and that all uses of force must come from them. Too bad for the country that they seldom do what's really best for society.

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