Saturday, January 06, 2007

Stand Up And Cheer!

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports on the "heroic" actions of a convenience store manager who escaped from his bonds during a robbery attempt and taught two criminals that crime doesn't pay by killing one and wounding another.

"The manager, whose name was not released, escaped from the ties and retrieved a gun stashed inside the store. Shortly after 2 p.m., the manager exchanged 'a bunch' of shots with the suspects, North Las Vegas police spokesman Tim Bedwell said." Unfortunately our police source doesn't indicate what a "bunch" is. Must be a technical term. The story also doesn't say what type of guns were used, so we must assume they weren't employing "assault rifles" or the evil 50 caliber - popularly known as the most common gun employed by street hoodlums.

The amazing thing is that the police representative Bedwell agrees that the managers actions are heroic. "Bedwell said police weren't considering charging the store manager in Friday's shooting of the robbery suspects. 'The initial impression of everybody is this was a justifiable shooting,' he said. 'In a situation where their business gets robbed and the suspects flee, you can't chase them down and shoot them,' he said. 'It doesn't look like anything like that happened today.' Bedwell said the store manager's gun was registered and the witnesses' opinion that the manager is a hero could be accurate. 'If everything holds up true ... then yeah, he is a hero,' Bedwell said." Nice to hear the police say something like that. Nary a word was spoken about not resisting or decrying a free citizens right to meet force with force. Remember, North Las Vegas is the town of the Nasty Boys.

Now the only thing to wait for is the probable moaning and crying by the hoodlums' relatives about the fate of the choirboys. The manager should pre-empt their grandstanding by filing charges against the late hoodlum's and the not so late hoodlum's families for allowing these two to menace the public.

Murder charges are expected to be filed against the surviving robber as allowed by Nevada law. One goblin down, one to go.

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