Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Time To Kill Old Grandad

The NRA-ILA reports that a Nevada Democrat!!! plans to author a bill in the state legislature to remove a grandfather provision that allows Clark County - the Las Vegas area - to force handgun registration, in direct opposition to the state constitution.

"State Senator John Lee (D-Clark County) is introducing legislation in the 2007 Session (BDR S-45) that will eliminate this 'grandfather clause' from the State Firearms Preemption Law. This will remove the patchwork of local gun laws and protect law-abiding Nevada gun owners from inadvertently becoming criminals."

Amazing that a Dem would do this? Well, not really so amazing as Senator Lee is involved in the development of the planned Clark County Shooting Park. Residents of Nevada would be well served by passage of this bill. The next legislative session begins in February and the people of the state need to show their representatives their desire to end this grandfather clause. It must be done this year as Nevada has biennial sessions and nothing else could be passed until 2009.

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