Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Whaaa? Insty, Guns, And The New York Times

Instapundit links to a NYT oped he wrote for today's Enemy Press New York Times.

Another sign of the Apocalypse? The Times allowing an opinion that runs counter to "All the guns fit to grab?" Professor Reynolds describes a town in Idaho that mandates gun ownership "calling for its citizens to own guns and keep them ready in their homes in case of emergency. It’s not a response to high crime rates." Of course gun ownership does have a deterrent to crime, as many criminals have stated that "they try to avoid homes where armed residents are likely to be present."

Gun ownership in case of emergency is perhaps a good place to start to remind people that they are their own best defense. Relying on police to arrive in time is wishful thinking, and as seen in New Orleans, the cops might just forget their duty and decide to take what they can get. Armed citizens did deter criminal activity as also seen in New Orleans.

Interestingly enough, even when the need for firearms during emergency situations is clearly demonstrated, the preparedness plans the government puts out for ordinary citizens never mentions having a gun. One wonders why? Fear that an armed populace might not be quite willing to obey dictates that may not be in their best interest? Perhaps, but authorities love order and during an emergency there's not much order. A citizen should take steps to protect themselves and others but we also must recognize the role of government in such times. Governments are created to protect us and the only time that the armed citizen should oppose government directives is spelled out in the Declaration of Independence. Only when government and our leaders are destructive to our freedom should we not obey them. A gun owner is also a citizen and those who believe in freedom also should believe in obeying lawful government.

There are many inside and outside office who don't believe we have those freedoms. Continued lawful gun ownership depends on the armed citizen only taking up arms during disasters, but also using our arms only when needed. We don't take up arms and hunt down thieves anymore, and the lawabiding among us have no desire to become vigilantes. By remaining inside the law and using our arms only when necessary, we can perhaps overcome the prejudice against guns that runs through certain segments of our fellow citizenry.

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