Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This is the worst

excuse for a blogging platform I've ever seen!

I've been locked out for days. Maybe time to consider something else.....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nasty Carbine Rumors

It appears a nasty rumor is spreading about the CMP Carbines scheduled to be released for sale in March. I saw a posting with an acknowledgement by Orest Michaels that the Carbines are now scheduled for April or May release with a base price of around $550.

That's a spirit breaker....

OK, Forced To New Blogger

I didn't want to shift to the new blogger, but I couldn't get in otherwise. So...let's see what happens....

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Win The "Virgin Challenge" For Globular Warmering!!!

Enemy Press (short pants division) USA Today reported that Richard Branson, the chairman of the Virgin Group, announced a $25 million dollar prize for someone who "could devise a way of removing the lethal amount of CO2 from the Earth's atmosphere...."

I hereby claim the prize!!!

Dear Mr Branson, just change your gorebot's settings from "spew" to "suck."

Now the scourge of globular warmering will never threaten us in the future.

Please send money in small, unmarked bills....

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Keeping Us In The Dark?

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs posted this story about how the government is allegedly ordering law enforcement and other groups who arrest terror suspects to misinform the public about the cases. "'Public information officers or spokesman for law enforcement agencies are purposely downplaying and in some cases lying outright to the public about arrests of Muslims in the US,' so said one Federal law enforcement official. 'We have been told what to say, and more important, what not to say, and warned not to deviate from the 'template'.'"

A serious charge. What does the government want to keep from us? It's a known fact that many terror groups have set up training camps here and have encouraged survivalist activities and paintball wargames to practice urban warfare. Perhaps our overlords don't want the general public to hear what's going on and to take action ourselves. That's one sticking point this blog has with the domestic side of the war on terror.

We were told after 911 to resume normal activities. We were told to go about our business, let the government handle the problems. Be aware, but do nothing except report. Not once were we told to prepare ourselves. Oh, sure, we were told to gather some items: foodstuffs and tools. We were told to have enough on hand to ride out a disaster. We were told to have a place to go if something happened. But we were not told to defend ourselves. Check out any number of "disaster preparedness" sites. What do we prepare for? Natural phenomena. There may be a section on biological activities, but it's treated more like a release of chemicals from a train wreck than someone setting off a bomb or tampering with water supplies. These sites have a laundry list of what you should have on hand: money, medicine, extra clothes, radios and flashlights, gas, food, and water. They all conspicuously leave out self protection devices: guns.

It's understandable that the government doesn't want citizens to interfere in ongoing investigations, but it seems the height of arrogance to not allow the people to protect themselves in case open terrorist activities take place here. Telling people to run away or to stay cowering in their homes or places of business if armed activity occurs is a recipe for panic in the streets. Sure, we don't want people to take vigilante action against people just because they may belong to groups that have perpetrated violence, but why should we be told to stand aside and do nothing to protect ourselves? The police can't be everywhere, and be assured that posse comitatus doesn't allow operations by the army unless specifically authorized by Congress. We're on our own and have not been allowed any training or the encouragement to arm ourselves and be familiar with firearms in order to protect ourselves and others in a terror event.

We have been told this is a global war on terror. Yet we've been told nothing will happen here, you don't need to prepare. Well, that's wrong. Is the elite culture so sure there will be no further homeland attacks that they want to keep us from firearms? These same elite have no problem with arming themselves, they just seem to think you don't deserve to have guns. You might go off on some rampage or something while they would just use their weapons to protect important things like actors and such....

If we're engaged in a global war, why hasn't the government opened up the surplus stocks of obsolete weapons for the public? Sure, they're not top of the line and aren't considered battle standards anymore, but they are still useful for militia duty. Well, you might not give them back. Why during a time of war are politicians warring on citizen self protection? If there's a war on, we should be arming ourselves and training in the use of guns. Yet, it's not being encouraged. Are the elites of this country more concerned with keeping their positions free from citizen interference, or are they more concerned with winning this war? Do they want power no matter if they must bow down to our enemies, or do they want victory? It seems less and less clear exactly what our cultural and political elites want. More and more each day we see people who claim to lead us back down further and further from a serious treatment of the times. Appeasement, cut and run, drawing down: these are not the words of WWI, WWII, or Korea. These are the words of Vietnam. These words led to the slaughter of millions and the enslavement of millions more. If our "leaders" don't want to lead, if they are fearful of the outcome, if they can't summon the will to continue: get out! Resign! Retire! Go home and leave this war to those who are willing to fight it. If our continued existence relies on those who shrink from the fight, if our continued existence relies on those who only want to teach a lesson to America, if our continued existence relies on those who outright aid our enemies, then we are doomed to failure and possible destruction.

If the story broken at Atlas Shrugs is true, then we need to become more active. If certain activities are planned, we need to know about it. No more immediate denials that something is not terrorist related. Either it is or it isn't. Continually keeping the public in the dark about what goes on in our own country is wrong. Believe it or not you self proclaimed elites, we will not indiscriminately shoot up our fellow citizens and aliens. We just demand truthfulness from our leaders. It's about time they show us enough respect to give it to us.

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