Monday, April 30, 2007

Carbines Available Today!

All you need is $495 plus shipping!

Oh, and ammo too!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Baldwin Freak Tirade Leads To Bodyguard For Daughter

Enemy Press News Outlet Reuters reports that the violent spew released by unknown parties concerning some no account entertainers has caused the mother of the target to hire bodyguards for her daughter.

One wonders if these bodyguards are unarmed? According to the new orthodoxy of Hollyweirdthink, you would be justified in thinking so. Surely this bodyguard agency, which is unnamed, was also checked out to see if it follows all the new rules for liberal living. Employees can only drive electric cars, or indeed, golf carts. As they are considered by some to be professionals, it's very likely they are equipped with non-lethal safety devices as well as a small flashing red light on top. At least sixteen bodyguards are required to fit into each one to minimize the effect on the environment. Said vehicle comes standard with a porta potty, which only dispenses single sheets, one for each officer.

There will be no guns! No, no one, not even the offspring of the so-called glitterati are allowed such nasty, filthy items to protect themselves. The bodyguards are all expert in crisis negotiation, surrender, and victimhood policies. Pity the poor thug who dares approach the child with untoward thoughts! He or she will be instantly swarmed by grief counselors and victim's rights groups. Sensitivity trainers will be dispatched to the scene to help the transgressor deal with the aftermath of the uncontrollable urges forced upon him or her by President Bush and Karl Rove.

Yes! A gun free utopia. Just one wave of a fairy wand will make the evil go away. We must all follow the wills of our uneducated betters. They know that no amount of counter force can ever solve the scourge of evil assaulting this world. No guns, know peace. The World Can't Wait!!!!

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Gunfight Erupts After Fender Bender Near Ah, Shoot!

Well, not really. All parties seemed calm, and as Parts Unknown is an open carry state, it's quite possible there was a gun in the vicinity. Heh, of course there were.

Another half-witted, evildoer meme demolished by reality....

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Thirty Two Lives Ended

Virginia Tech shootings cost America thirty two lives today. Unfortunately, the killer used guns. Expect to hear howls for more and more control of our right to defend ourselves. If only one person had the ability to defend themselves the human cost could have been far less.

When will America wake up to the fact that the world is not a safe place? We already know that the good guys cannot be everywhere they're needed. Yet we willingly place all of our security into the hands of those who cannot, by their own admission, be where we need them when we need them. We are constantly reminded of our vulnerability, but we will do nothing of our own accord, we wait and then demand the government to do something to save us.

Actions like these should prod each of us to prepare for our own defense. In fact, it probably won't. What will it take for people to regain their will to defend themselves?

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Virginia Tech Shooting Rampage

Fox News reports over thirty people murdered this morning at the Virginia Tech campus.

Monday, April 09, 2007

And The Winner Is....

WWII era Springfield Armory M1 return from Greece.

SA receiver, op-rod and barrel. HRA trigger group and bolt. The stock has a Rock Island Armory cartouche indicating post war replacement. All HRA parts are also post war.

Unfortunately, the sights are the original style. Consensus seems to be that later lock-bar sights are more desirable as they are less likely to be moved from their settings. Although my sights do seem rather tight.

An examination of the chamber shows little cosmoline, so a flush with boiling water should be enough to make it ready to test fire.

The CMP always cautions buyers to the possible condition of the wood. The Greek Rack Grade can have very poor wood, even foreign wood. The stocks can be beaten up, mismatched or cracked. It's the luck of the draw. The grading is for the mechanics, not the accessories. So, with trepidation I opened the box and prepared for the worst.

Matching wood! Whew! I was expecting to see funny looking wood, whittled to fit. A lazy day project by some bored Greek conscript after he broke the USGI stock. Relief washed over me as I examined the stock. The RIA cartouche reassured me I still had USGI wood. Good old American wood for America's most famous battle implement.

Top picture is the left front handguard and the bottom picture is the right front handguard.

The next views are the left rear handguard and the right rear handguard.

Finally, the stock. Left side and right side.

All in all a very good looking rifle.

Of course I did say it was a Rack Grade...and here's why:

To the brass! Well, the old bullet test is only a guide they say. That's a commercial round anyway, who knows what a mil-surp round will do. Besides, the proof is in the shooting, not in the amount of bullet left showing.

Guess I'll have to try it out soon. At this point I'm very pleased with what I have. The talk these days is of what's left. What's left is the Greek Racker. This one's pretty good, who knows about the rest. There have been horror stories. Looks like I got a good one!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Shooting At CNN Center

The website reports a fatal shooting took place this morning at CNN Center in Atlanta. "A man and a woman were involved in an argument near the main entrance of the complex when the man pulled a gun and shot her, police officer James Polite said. He said the armed man was then shot by a CNN security guard."

Again, a shooting takes place in a public area. Is CNN Center a "gun free zone?" How could it not be if the people there follow their own ideas for you? You do see however, that an armed guard was present who apparently dispatched the perpetrator.

Had the guard not been there, what would have happened? Would the gun free notices stop the shooter? Of course not, criminals don't obey laws. No weapons rules only benefit those who are willing to disregard them and commit a crime. We've seen it before and we will continue to see it as long as the peoples right to self defense is denied by those who believe it is better for you to submit than to save yourself.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Tent Stake Or....

Big Brown Box arrived today!

Is it a tent stake? Or is it something else?

Tune in tomorrow, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel....

University Of Washington Shootings in Seattle reports that an apparent murder-suicide took place earlier this morning. "University Police responded to the shooting around 9 a.m. Monday morning. Police say six shots were fired. Police found a handgun in the room where a man and a woman were found dead. It's located in an administrative part of the building. When asked if it was a murder-suicide, UW Assistant Police Chief Ray Wittmier said 'It's possible.' From court records, it appears the deceased woman had a domestic violence protection order against the deceased man, although police have not confirmed it. It's not clear if the victims are staff members or students."

More tragic gun violence on a "gun free" campus. According to the UW Police Website, "Possession or use of firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals or other weapons or instrumentalities on the university campus is prohibited, except for authorized university purposes, unless prior written approval has been obtained from the Chief of Police. (WAC 478-124-020(2)(e))." Thanks to the Washington State Legislature, a person died. Although in theory one could get government "permission" to defend yourself on University property, one wonders how easy it is to get the required leave?

Again we see what no tolerance zones do in reality to public and personal safety. They make us more vulnerable to attack by those who by their very nature refuse to obey the law. The gun free policy imposed by the state was ignored by the perpetrator. One person died, an apparent restraining order didn't restrain the killer from his crime. Had the victim applied to the government or university for the grant of a right to self protection and been denied? Or had the unfortunate woman even considered she had a right to protect herself? We don't know and probably never will unless the local press decides that's an important fact to uncover. Considering most of the press doesn't care to give the people the right to defend themselves, it wouldn't be surprising if this was never examined.

How many tragedies could have been averted by the realization that self protection is a right we all have? Legislating your right away is folly. Those who encourage or promote taking away that right are very dangerous to our freedom. Either they are very foolish or very sinister. How much longer will it take for our self professed betters in government come to the realization that law enforcement cannot stop all crime and that the citizen's duty is to protect himself and others when the police are not available? During this time of war when evil people have vowed to destroy us and our way of life, anyone who stands in the citizen's way is helping evil. Let's hope they don't do it purposely to impose their version of America on us.

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