Monday, April 09, 2007

And The Winner Is....

WWII era Springfield Armory M1 return from Greece.

SA receiver, op-rod and barrel. HRA trigger group and bolt. The stock has a Rock Island Armory cartouche indicating post war replacement. All HRA parts are also post war.

Unfortunately, the sights are the original style. Consensus seems to be that later lock-bar sights are more desirable as they are less likely to be moved from their settings. Although my sights do seem rather tight.

An examination of the chamber shows little cosmoline, so a flush with boiling water should be enough to make it ready to test fire.

The CMP always cautions buyers to the possible condition of the wood. The Greek Rack Grade can have very poor wood, even foreign wood. The stocks can be beaten up, mismatched or cracked. It's the luck of the draw. The grading is for the mechanics, not the accessories. So, with trepidation I opened the box and prepared for the worst.

Matching wood! Whew! I was expecting to see funny looking wood, whittled to fit. A lazy day project by some bored Greek conscript after he broke the USGI stock. Relief washed over me as I examined the stock. The RIA cartouche reassured me I still had USGI wood. Good old American wood for America's most famous battle implement.

Top picture is the left front handguard and the bottom picture is the right front handguard.

The next views are the left rear handguard and the right rear handguard.

Finally, the stock. Left side and right side.

All in all a very good looking rifle.

Of course I did say it was a Rack Grade...and here's why:

To the brass! Well, the old bullet test is only a guide they say. That's a commercial round anyway, who knows what a mil-surp round will do. Besides, the proof is in the shooting, not in the amount of bullet left showing.

Guess I'll have to try it out soon. At this point I'm very pleased with what I have. The talk these days is of what's left. What's left is the Greek Racker. This one's pretty good, who knows about the rest. There have been horror stories. Looks like I got a good one!