Monday, April 02, 2007

University Of Washington Shootings in Seattle reports that an apparent murder-suicide took place earlier this morning. "University Police responded to the shooting around 9 a.m. Monday morning. Police say six shots were fired. Police found a handgun in the room where a man and a woman were found dead. It's located in an administrative part of the building. When asked if it was a murder-suicide, UW Assistant Police Chief Ray Wittmier said 'It's possible.' From court records, it appears the deceased woman had a domestic violence protection order against the deceased man, although police have not confirmed it. It's not clear if the victims are staff members or students."

More tragic gun violence on a "gun free" campus. According to the UW Police Website, "Possession or use of firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals or other weapons or instrumentalities on the university campus is prohibited, except for authorized university purposes, unless prior written approval has been obtained from the Chief of Police. (WAC 478-124-020(2)(e))." Thanks to the Washington State Legislature, a person died. Although in theory one could get government "permission" to defend yourself on University property, one wonders how easy it is to get the required leave?

Again we see what no tolerance zones do in reality to public and personal safety. They make us more vulnerable to attack by those who by their very nature refuse to obey the law. The gun free policy imposed by the state was ignored by the perpetrator. One person died, an apparent restraining order didn't restrain the killer from his crime. Had the victim applied to the government or university for the grant of a right to self protection and been denied? Or had the unfortunate woman even considered she had a right to protect herself? We don't know and probably never will unless the local press decides that's an important fact to uncover. Considering most of the press doesn't care to give the people the right to defend themselves, it wouldn't be surprising if this was never examined.

How many tragedies could have been averted by the realization that self protection is a right we all have? Legislating your right away is folly. Those who encourage or promote taking away that right are very dangerous to our freedom. Either they are very foolish or very sinister. How much longer will it take for our self professed betters in government come to the realization that law enforcement cannot stop all crime and that the citizen's duty is to protect himself and others when the police are not available? During this time of war when evil people have vowed to destroy us and our way of life, anyone who stands in the citizen's way is helping evil. Let's hope they don't do it purposely to impose their version of America on us.

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