Tuesday, May 01, 2007

International Commie Day - Buy A Gun!!!

Considering the march of mass murdering ideology day has passed its prime - except in the minds of some freaks and thugs - today is a good day to mock the greatest killers of all time by purchasing a former commie state gun and use it to protect yourselves from the wannabe thugs and killers in the country today!

Classic Arms has various AK platforms available as well as a new C&R handgun from Czechoslovakia: the CZ82.

What a great way to celebrate the nearly completed destruction of this mass murdering, hateful ideology! Castro's on his way out and the buffoon Chavez will soon make his way to the trash heap as well once he ravages his country.

Let's take this day to remember the over 100 million people murdered by leftism and mock their killers forever by using their tools against them.

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Second Amendment
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