Sunday, May 20, 2007

More Enemy Press Gun Bias

Enemy Press Network CNN Sunday Morning was covering breaking news today about the shooting incident in Idaho.

The broadcast was led by the hot hot hot Veronica De La Cruz and some unknown male anchor. Unfortunately at the particular time of the broadcast, no sound was available for Ah, Shoot!, just captions. Needless to say the Enemy Press can always spin stories to advance their anti-American agenda. Today was no different. As the story was introduced the producers thought an anti-gun slant wouldn't be noticed. The anchors made it a point to open the story with (paraphrased) "A shooting incident took place in Moscow Idaho, home to the University of Idaho, although the incident was on the other side of town in a church...." Get it: University of Idaho = Virginia Tech University. University area shootings are much more important than any other one. Now will all shooting incidents mention the name of a university in the area? No connection necessary, just remember to add the hook. The Enemy Press thinks the more you are reminded about the massacre the more you'll want gun control. Although the facts don't seem to bear this out.

Not only was this anti-gun slant in the broadcast, the last paragraph of the story on the CNN website says "Moscow, a community of about 20,000 people that is home to the University of Idaho, is located 80 miles south of Spokane, Washington." Gotta get it in. The University has no relevance to the story, it's a plain indicator of the bias inherent in the corporations that have no desire to see America and Americans maintain their liberty. Ol' Billionaire Ted has an agenda and he and his ilk with push it on you whenever they can, whether the connection is real or not.

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