Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nevada Increases Gun Freedoms - Sort Of

The NRA-ILA reports two new gun bills reached the desk of Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons. He's expected to sign both.

Two bills are of interest to gun owners and supporters of the right to self defense. The first, Senate Bill 237, allows Nevada to negotiate concealed carry reciprocity agreements with other states that have similar or more substantial licensing procedures. This bill is a no-brainer. Every state with concealed carry should have these agreements anyway. Perhaps a national concealed carry would solve the problem, and it would force the gun hating states to recognize concealed carry.

The second bill, Senate Bill 92, doesn't engender quite the happy huzzah. This bill would have eliminated the unconstitutional handgun registration grandfathered in for Clark County (Las Vegas). Somehow this bill wound up just extending the registration period from 48 hours to 60 sixty days. This will help those who are visiting Las Vegas for shooting sports as they won't have to register their handguns for a short visit to the city. Unfortunately for residents, the unconstitutional registration still exists.

Some movement forward is better than none it's supposed. Now those who want their constitutional rights protected need to try for complete elimination next session.

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