Sunday, May 13, 2007

Overheard At A Gun Show

Man: "How'd you do?

Second Man: "Not so well, didn't sell much."

Me: (sotto voce) Try cutting your prices.

I did have a chance to handle a CZ 52. The seller wanted $179 with no accessories. Heh, I have at least two places I can get one for $140 with a holster and extra mags. You'd think the usual gunshow suspects would know the online dealers sell them too. Guess they figure you'd rather pay more and take it than order and wait. Unfortunately the grips were badly scarred, so I didn't pull the trigger on it. Besides, that gun is larger than it seems and rather heavy. The ammo cost isn't all that reasonable either. I just might scratch that one off my list.

Plenty of ARs and AKs, just not what I'm looking for. Guess I'll have to keep looking for another evil assault rifle. I did find two unbastardized Krags! Too bad for me they wanted around a grand for them. Same old stuff, I only seem to go for the ammo anyway. I did notice that there wasn't any Swiss surplus for the K31, but there were at least two different new manufacturers for it. A little pricey and I haven't shot the thing lately anyway so I didn't get any.

The show dealers seem to think that Winchesters are still at a premium. I didn't see any that were less than $500. I hope they don't mind lugging them from show to show as they sit unsold.

All in all, the same stuff. I think I'll pass on the next two or three unless I need Swiss or Mak ammo. I wonder if the dealers get as tired selling - or not selling - their stuff as we do seeing them show after show?

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