Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ciao, Bella!

Here it is, the box you've all been waiting for:

The CMP Inland manufactured M1 Carbine arrived this week. This carbine dates from August of 1944, so it's a war baby.

Not only that, but this baby spent some time in Europe, Italy to be exact. This carbine was loaned to the Italian government by the army. She had a makeover while she was there as you can see by her Italian label clothes.

The "FAT" cartouche stands for Fabbrica Armi Terni, where the carbine was apparently reworked and refinished in 1982. She must have eaten good pasta there as she's gained a potbelly....

The wood is in rather good condition except for one seemingly damaged spot. Someone marked it with a sticker and I haven't tried to remove it yet. Hopefully it's not a blemish or deep gouge in the wood. The handguards are the two screw type and it matches well with the rest of the stock. Fortunately the wood wasn't soaked in cosmoline, in fact, the metal looks to have be reparkerized, as it's all a uniform color and there is no finish wear except on the bolt and op slide handle. You would expect a mixmaster to have different wear points, but it doesn't.

The worst part of the stock is the sling side. There are wear marks, but they should clean off well enough.

I will just take a some mineral spirits to the stock and maybe a coat or two of linseed oil and leave it at that.

More metal and wood goodness.

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