Sunday, July 08, 2007

I Usually Don't Get Tagged, But...

Defiant Infidel sent me a little note asking me to participate, so here goes.

Eight Things About Me:

I love pizza, but hate cheese.

I spend more time on the internet then I should.

The older I get, the less tolerant I've become towards stupidity. My own included.

I'm too physically lazy for my own good.

Although I'm in a large metropolitan area, I would like someday to have enough money to purchase some rural land to have as a vacation and shooting retreat.

It takes time for me to make new friends. I prefer to learn more about someone before I'm ready to open up.

I've never gone to a blogger rendezvous.

I'd much rather work behind the scenes and have those who matter understand my contribution than trumpet myself as the doer of the deed.

My tagged bloggers:

(sob, I don't know eight bloggers well enough to ask them)

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Jimmy B of Conservative UAW Guy

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DirtCrashr of Anthroblogogy

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