Friday, July 20, 2007

Killer At Large? Break Out The Guns Dad!

I had just exited my bedroom to get some clothes out of the dryer to wear to work last night when my Dad said, "When you back out of the garage to go to work, make sure the door closes completely before you leave."


"Because there's an escaped killer on the loose in the neighborhood and he's considered armed and dangerous. Helicopters have been scouring the area and cop cars have been going up and down the streets all night."

Seems a mistake was made at the jail earlier in the day and someone was released who shouldn't have been. Funny that it's always a killer who gets out by mistake instead of a check kiter or confidence man.

By the time I was ready to go, most of the action had moved a few blocks away. Still, there's no reason to take chances that he could have been missed, or backtracked his way to the surrounding blocks. So I opened the safe, took out my Makarov and Smith & Wesson and loaded both up with hollowpoints and handed them over to Dad.

I had absolutely no qualms about arming the household on the threat. I was unable to stay as I had the shift and no one else was available, but Dad spent time in the army and was conversant with my particular home defense implements. So, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms shows itself to be useful and relevant today.

The threat was over long before I returned home. However, imagine someone living in a place where self defense is barred by law. The household members would be reduced to cowering inside, hoping the wanted man didn't try to get into their house. No chance of self defense, having to rely on the goodness of evildoers to escape possible injury or death had the killer chosen their forcibly unarmed house. This is not the way for free people to live. Sadly, many in government in various jurisdictions desire this state of affairs. They hate the freedom that everyone is entitled to as Americans. Their sensibilities are offended if you or Joe Sixpack demand the right to vote, or to speak, or to worship in ways that our self appointed elite deems incorrect. They want you docile, they want you malleable, they want you to shut up and obey your betters - them. If you are able to defend yourself and others and run your lives without their aid, they have no reason for office. You will have no need of them or their rules. Perhaps this is the reason many are afraid of your rights.

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