Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NBA Stars Homes Invaded

Yahoo! Sports reports an AP story concerning two NBA players who, along with their families, were victims of home invasion robberies. "Two hulking NBA stars were bound with duct tape and robbed of cash and jewelry by masked gunmen in separate holdups that have Chicago-area detectives wondering whether someone is targeting professional athletes. New York Knicks forward Eddy Curry -- 6-foot-11, 285 pounds -- was tied up along with his wife and an employee at his mansion in suburban Burr Ridge on Saturday. Miami Heat forward Antoine Walker, who is 6-foot-9, 245 pounds, was similarly robbed along with a relative at his $4 million townhouse in Chicago's exclusive River North section on July 10."

Wait a minute?! Chicago is a gun free paradise!!! How could these incidents have taken place? This story must be false! It must be some kind of Daley-Bloomberg plot to continue their crusade to disarm you.

The end of the story has a little nugget of information not often provided in other stories about guns. Probably because the reaction felt by the victim may lead to the understanding that you must take responsibility for your own defense, as the police may not arrive in time when you need them. "Curry's agent Lamont Carter said Curry had no immediate plans to return to his 'dream house.' 'He feels violated,' Carter said. 'He's relieved and happy that his family's OK. He's just relieved to be living.' Walker's robbery was so traumatic that the three-time All-Star said he was not sure if he could ever return home. 'I don't feel safe,' he told reporters shortly afterward. 'I feel violated a little bit. And now it's all over the news, so everybody knows where I live. I think it would be best for me to move on.'"

Amazing, isn't it? This man, described as a hulking NBA star, is afraid to be in his own home because armed men invaded it! If a hulking NBA star is afraid, how much more would a single woman or an elderly couple or a disabled person feel in that situation? Yet, there are those of that ilk, such as Mayors Daley and Bloomberg who desire that all of us be in that situation. Bound up and at the mercy of criminals. These NBA players had no other recourse except to allow criminals to bind them, breaking one of the most important rules about personal safety: do not let someone restrain you. Many times that leads to being killed. Never let someone do that, fight back. If you're in a public place, never be led out into a private place. Once the players and their families were bound, they were dead. Dead, if the robbers had wanted it that way. Fortunately, they did not.

Yet, so many of our betters demand that we submit to such criminal activity. They, of course, don't follow their own disarmament plans. They allow themselves to be armed or have armed bodyguards, you however, must submit to criminals. You must give up your life instead of your property. After all, to most of those who rule, you are not worth saving anyway. You went to the wrong schools, you have an imaginary friend who you visit on Saturday or Sunday, your carbon footprint is hurting the planet. No, better that you be disarmed and criminals run rampant. That way, the gun grabbers can be the "man on horseback," saving society from itself, while also giving away its freedom to the man on the white stallion.

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