Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Presley Gun Stolen?

Quad-Cities Online reports an Enemy Press AP story about the disappearance of a handgun owned by Elvis. It seems a visitor to Graceland noticed the gun's display case was ajar and the gun was missing.

The story states "A video camera caught a man removing the pistol from the display case around midnight." Now, are we completely sure that the gun didn't talk the man into removing him? Do we have any assurances that said gun isn't prowling the streets just looking for someone to shoot? Is it possible the gun is holding the man hostage? What evil intent does the gun have? We know that the man couldn't be responsible himself for the theft, the gun must have some type of hold over him.

Whenever the pistol is recovered, it would be interesting to hear what ordeal the man had to endure. Surely it was a horrible experience being controlled by a gun....

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