Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Gun Shots

Stumbled across a new blog on OutdoorLife. The Gun Shots. Take a look.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Short Bits

Very busy at Ah, Shoot! Here's a few interesting things that recently made news.

DC Gun Ban
The nasty people at Enemy Press "News" outlet, Reuters, posted some bold lies by those who hate the freedom Americans have to resist tyranny. The story involves the governing cabal who run the fiefdom of Washington DC and their fear that their little dominate might come crashing down along with their unconstitutional ban on guns.

The usual lying suspects get to say their evil piece. "City lawyers have argued the amendment guarantees the right to bear arms only for members of a militia, like today's National Guard, and not for individuals." However, the National Guard didn't exist when the amendment was written, therefore, it does not mean the militia, it means the people at large: you and me and Mother McCree. They know this and they are fearful that the full court will side with the Bush Administration who has determined that "the Second Amendment protects an individuals right to keep and bear arms."

The Washington aristocrats know that this is the true meaning of the Second Amendment. The other writings of the Founders concur with this reading. They know what the amendment means: in the coarsest of language, the Second Amendment acknowledges the right of the people to take up arms against the government if it becomes oppressive. It is not in that state right now, nor does it appear to be that way in the future. Those who would ban guns know that an armed citizenry is what stands in their way of imposing their will on those who would refuse. Those who love tyranny and their public positions cannot become the bewigged aristos they long to be as long as we can force them to obey laws.

This court case may be the last gasp of the gun banners, or it could institute a new era of citizen disarmament. We already know which side the DC government is on, what will the Court do if they decide to take the case?

Whale Shot, Harpooned
No, sorry, Michael Moore is not the subject of this little story by the Enemy Press AP via Yahoo! News. It seems that some members of the Makah Tribe of Indians in Washington state shot a whale with a "machine gun."

The story says there's not much information, but they're sure the gray whale was shot with a .50 caliber machine gun. Considering the press seems to be rather clueless when it comes to guns, a closer reading was needed. Unfortunately, although the headline blares MACHINE GUN, it only mentions a gun once, just a "preliminary report said the whale was shot with a .50-caliber machine gun...." Do they mean a .50 rifle, or a Ma Deuce? Guess we'll never know. It was probably a .50 caliber muzzleloader, or maybe one of these....

All Your Guns Are Belong To Us
Fox News reports on a study showing America has possession of approximately half of the guns in civilian hands worldwide. Hooray! We're number one! The Small Arms Survey whined "'Civilian holdings of weapons worldwide are much larger than we previously believed,' the director of the Geneva-based group, Keith Krause, told reporters." Boo Hoo Hoo! Ol' Keif was probably shaking in his boots when he first read the report. Additionally, it seems there are enough guns in the US to arm nine out of ten people! Hee hee! It probably took gallons of air freshener to clean the air around alleged people like Feinstein and Schumer. Quite a few mops too no doubt.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Fewer Hunters, More Problems

It seems the number of Americans hunting is in decline, according to the AP. The story appears to be a straightforward account of how hunting is losing its attraction. Of course, as it's the Enemy Press AP, we know that the apparent evenhanded tone is a false front.

The story does accidentally give numbers and a warning for the possible havoc created by the loss of hunting range and the culling of game animals. Not the least is the loss of funding for state wildlife agencies. "Of the 50 state wildlife agencies, most rely on hunting and fishing license fees for the bulk of their revenue, and only a handful receive significant infusions from their state's general fund. 'They're trying to take care of all wildlife and all habitats on a shoestring budget,' said Rachel Brittin of the Washington-based Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies." That, of course, is an unintended consequence that the envirofreaks don't realize. They can crow about the increased numbers of wussified bird watchers, but the truth is that no one contributes more to wildlife conservation than those who hunt and fish. The effete birders and wildlife voyeurs do nothing for the wild, except try to keep the benighted masses they abhor out of it.

Oh, and the AP? Here's evidence of their bias against freedom. "One rift involves hunters disenchanted with the National Rifle Association, which runs major hunting programs and lobbies vigorously against gun control. A Maryland hunter, Ray Schoenke, has formed a new group, the American Hunters and Shooters Association, primarily as a home for hunters who would support some restrictions on gun and ammunition sales." Really? No. It's obvious by the make up of its leadership that the AHSA is run by implacable anti-gunners. They have ties to politicians openly hostile to your right to protect yourself from crime and possible government tyranny. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has more about this sinister organization here. Pretending that a hoax group is defending our constitutional rights when in fact they are trying to suborn them. Good going AP, but you've been exposed again.

Many private organizations are trying to bring hunting back into view as an honorable pursuit. Besides the financial benefit to states, more hunters translates into more shooters who take gun safety courses and more people available to protect their neighbors during disasters. A win-win situation for the country. One problem is the lack of hunting areas. Leave it to government to make buffoons of themselves in this regard.

The Valley Morning Star out of Harlingen Texas posted an editorial earlier this summer about a Park Service plan to thin out a population of elk in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Seems our clever overlords have settled on a peach of an idea to cull the herd "involving the hiring of specialized sharpshooters to conduct elk hunts at night, using night-vision equipment and silencers. That way, the public never has to see — or know — what’s going on. It’s obviously the most expensive, convoluted and politically correct way to get the job done — which is why it’s the option favored by the feds." How incredibly stupid! How foolish and absurd! Yet, the option of allowing hunts to be opened to the public is ignored. Can't expect the government to save hunting. Nor should one.

Ah, Shoot! doesn't hunt and has no desire to, but we do see the danger in falling numbers of those who do. If the public loses interest in this avenue of gun use, it will make it easier for those who hate our gun freedoms to diminish our rights by incrementally taking away our familiarity of firearms and thus easing their path to gun bans. We need to hunt to maintain our rights or we will see them slowly disappear.

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