Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lousy Shooting Report - Carbine Edition

I was finally able to take out the Inland for a little lead spitting session. Of course because I had missed GBRII, I had no one to help me learn how to sight in my war baby. I'd call her Bella, as she's an Italian loaner, but I'm not the kind of guy who names his guns. Anyway, let's take a look at the targets.

The first target was shot at approximately thirty yards. All shooting was at the local Bass Pro Indoor range and unfortunately the distances weren't well marked off. Thirty yards approximate is the furthest distance. Throughout the shooting session the carbine shot high and to the right. Of course I sat the bull on top of the front sight post and fired from a seated position with the rifle resting on a plastic stand which wasn't weighted, so the rifle constantly shifted on the stand and it also would not stay in the hollow of my shoulder. This happened throughout the shoot. I'm not sure if the buttplate was too slick or my shirt was causing the constant movement or my lousy technique. Whatever the cause, I had to keep reshouldering the rifle after each shot.

This target was thirty shots, fifteen from two different GI surplus magazines. I kept the rounds in the same general area, but not very good grouping. That's my lack of training and shooting experience showing.

The second target was thirty shots from a new manufactured fifteen round magazine. Much tighter pattern and a few of the shots found nearly the same spot. Better shooting, but still not too good. It seems that the surplus magazines magazines may be a partial cause as I didn't change my shooting or targeting technique between mag changes.

The third target was just a session to use up the boxes of rounds. All shooting was done with green box Remington 110 grain 30 carbine ammo. I shot using both the surplus and new magazines. Interesting question for a novice: I can rule out an ammo difference, but does the age of the magazines have an effect on accuracy? I was definitely better with the new magazine. The surplus magazines loaded easier, but I did have a constant glitch with one of them.

The magazine on the left constantly refused to chamber the first round. I could remove the first cartridge and the rest of the mag would chamber and eject. I tried it multiple times and each time it rejected the first round. The magazine on the right never failed to load. There's plainly a difference in the spacing on the magazine lips. It seems the larger distance isn't to the carbine's liking. It did load all the other rounds, just not the first one.

That wasn't the only problem with the gun. Perhaps the length of pull for this carbine is a little short for me. Every time I fired it, my thumbnail grazed my nose. I tried sighting from further back on the stock, but it happened anyway. Perhaps a recoil pad to add some length might help that. Also, I was lead to believe from many people that the carbine had almost no recoil!!! I think they were trying to trick me!!! Now really there wasn't much, but still more than I expected. No regrets in buying it however. It's nice handling gun, and I think when the little one is ready to be introduced into firearms self defense, she will be able to handle this one. Now if only DirtCrashr and I can get together, maybe I can refine my carbine techniques....

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