Thursday, October 11, 2007

Venison! It's What's For (Soup Kitchen) Dinner!

The Christian Science Monitor ran a story about the rise in donated meat to help feed the poor. Of course this meat didn't come from whacko environmentalists or animal rights freaks or Humans Last!-ers, but from big, bad, Bambi blasting H-U-N-T-E-R-S. Yeah baby! Fudds unite!

Hunters for the Hungry is a loose confederation of state groups throughout the country who, in partnership with hunters, processors, and meal providers, are giving free meat to those in need. The NRA operates a clearinghouse of information for these organizations.

Meat is an essential source for protein and other nutrients that can't effectively be obtained from plant foodstuffs. Of course the usual suspects decry this provisioning for the poor. "'It's great to help others in need, but there are ways to help others that do not involve the recreational killing of animals,' says Andrew Page, director of the United States Humane Society's hunting campaign in Washington, D.C." In other words "Boo Hoo, Americans are getting fed by those we hate and demonize! We can't stand that! We must destroy an American heritage any way we can! Darn those hunters for being on the right side of the issue!"

Too bad for them, but it seems that "Food pantries for the most part welcome the addition of lean, organic meat, says Josh Wilson, national operations director for FHFH." Aww, sure to get the vegans panties in a bunch when they hear Americans want to eat meat! They sure don't like the skeleton look most whacko herbivores sport. And it's free range, organic meat! Another poke in the eye of the plant eaters....

If you're a hunter and would like to participate, check out the NRA's clearinghouse for more information.

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