Monday, November 26, 2007

Some Golden Trigger Time

Same day as the carbine shoot. Just never got around to posting it.

Here are some targets from my first outing with the Browning Camper. Taken at Bass Pro on their range.

The trigger pull was rather light. It came as a surprise when the gun fired, which I suppose, is as it should be. I don't know what it is, but even on a little no recoil gun, I can't seem to avoid jerking the trigger at times. No other problems except for a couple of stovepipes. I think that was caused by the ammo. I used Federal high velocity 36 grain ammo. The RO said the high velo ammo doesn't have quite enough kick to it to fully eject the spent casing. Next time I'll use something else to test his hypothesis.

Here's the first target. Just a few magazines to get used to the gun. It definitely shoots to the left.

Here's the second one. Just two mags to try to improve my eye. A little off, but the target had a little wobble to it. It kept swinging back and forth slightly. It took awhile for the swinging to stop.

Here's the third one. One mag only to test accuracy.

Here's the last one. Just blasting to see what I can do. Still holding to the left a bit but at least in the same spot.

Verdict: nice gun, either shooting for fun or teaching. Nice easy trigger, no other problems except for the few stovepipes.