Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another Shooting Related Early Christmas Present

Well, I have to be able to get out into the desert, don't I?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Accessories And Bullets Show

A large gunshow was in the area this weekend, and as the new Colt was getting familiar with its surroundings, it decided it wanted another magazine. The M1 Carbine said the same thing.

It's amazing how many suppliers of magazines are around. It took over two hours to scan the show floor and find everyone who was selling these essentials. Unfortunately, no one seemed to have original Colt mags except for one vendor and he wasn't selling. He only collects them. While asking around for them, most sellers told me that aftermarket Colt magazines were garbage. That wouldn't surprise me, but I felt the need to have at least one spare magazine. I bought one half-heartedly from the vendor with the lowest price. No sense spending more money on something that may not work well.

Carbine mags were plentiful, I had a choice between USGI surplus or new. This time I was looking for a thirty rounder, so I purchased a new manufacture. Again only buying one just in case it didn't work well, although I've had no problems with the new fifteen rounder. I also needed to find an oiler as I had forgotten to pick one up when I purchased a sling for the Carbine. After finally finding one I believe I overpaid for it. Unless it's a fake, I paid $15 for an International Silver oiler. It looks like it's been refinished though. It wouldn't surprise me if I was ripped off. It was the same vendor who sold me the new magloader that wouldn't load the thirty aught. Anyway, I bought what I needed for accessories.

I had so much fun with the Rampant Colt that I had shot up most of my stash. So I looked around for some different brands of ammo to see how they worked. I'd like to stick with what works best in the gun once I've given each a try. The last show had a paucity of ammo vendors. This one however was well stocked with nearly every round imaginable. I found three different brands of .32 auto for the 1903. I bought one of each. The price ranged from $10.95 to $13.95.

I also bought one box of carbine ammo for $10. I thought they may be reloads, but it appears it's new production. It's from The Hunting Shack.

Hey, wait a minnit! What brand was that blue box of .32???? Dynamit Nobel? You mean Alfred Nobel's company? The man that invented Dynamite? Why yes, I believe that's correct. So in a way...I get to add to Gorebal warmering by using this ammo!!! Ha Ha! I'll bet the False Messiah doesn't know his new award comes from shooters!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Early Self Christmas Presents

Ok, so not everyone is going to get guns or gun related items for Christmas. For those of us who know we're not, we might as well buy them ourselves with all the sales going on. Not under the tree next week is a spotting scope and gun vise/rest. The vise/rest was one of the WalMart wonders. Cheap, but should be able to do the job with aid of a sand bag. The Rugged Exposure spotting scope was purchased at Big 5. The regular price is $229, but it was on sale for $99. It beats binoculars....

Monday, December 03, 2007

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Ping!

Breakin' The Seal

Opened the spam can today...

Just a little discoloration around the primers, no rust, no corrosion. Ready to use.