Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday Shooting

Ok, it didn't rain, I had an extra day off and so I did what any free man or woman would do with that free time.

Loaded the Jeep with the Henry and Camper and a box of clays, and also the Carbine just to check out the new thirty round mag. This time a sidearm too. Headed out to the new desert shooting spot. We weren't able to leave as early as planned, so I hoped that all the good spots weren't taken. They were. Well, that's what happens on a weekend. The job usually allows weekday shooting and it's usually empty. We continued on towards the backup spots. Found a man and wife shooting in the second best spot and we were just going to pass them by when he waved us in.

Turns out he's a Zoomie* out for a day of AR practice with his wife. They had two ARs, one with tripod set up on his hood, and a bright purple one for his executive officer. We had some fun talking and firing each others stuff. He had cans of ammo to burn, me not as much.

Anyway, he had brought along a piece of steel plate from some machinery and he was blasting it with regular rounds and armor piercing. The steel was about a half inch thick. Here's a view of two hits with the normal rounds:

Here's the armor piercing:

A little bit more damage, but still quite a few hits would be needed to open a hole with .223. According to Zoomie, that steel is about what the armor thickness is in Iraq. I can see why the military might be interested in replacing the round.

While loading a mag, I heard full auto fire coming from the guy. I of course immediately wanted to see what he had. He still had the purple AR in hand so I asked if it was select fire, 'cause if it was, I wanted a try. He said nope, just bump firing. So I gave it a try, an unsuccessful try as you'll see:

The reason it didn't work was a dud round. After the first shot, the second wouldn't fire or eject. So at least it wasn't me!

He also was trying out his "carry" piece, a Glock 26. Now, as someone who's read this blog before should know, I'm an old gun type. He gave me a mag to shoot and I honestly see why so many people would choose a plastigun. I was rather accurate with it and it was easy to use. Still won't buy one, but I don't begrudge anyone the purchase. I let him shoot the Mak and he liked it.

A bit after that, he and his wife took off, leaving me and dad on our own. I loaded up the Henry and placed some clays around. Someone had sunk a few pieces of pvc pipe in the ground as target holders where we were shooting and so we hung the clays from them and I fired away. Here's a little bit of that:

I did the same for the Browning. I had hoped to get this done for GuyK, but it appears he's already bought himself a pair of .22s.:

Sorry about the poor vid quality. It seems you can't view a larger version. A full screen option would show the action more clearly. Also, some of the clays didn't break when hit, the .22s just went right through them and left a target hole. I hit almost all the clays however.

The new carbine mag was difficult to load the first time. I used Wolf ammo. I had another first round chambering problem too. The second time the mag was easier to load. I had no failures to fire or eject. When I tried out the orange box ammo picked up at the last gun show, I had two failures. The ejected shells showed clear, strong strikes on the primer, so I must attribute the ftf to the ammo itself and not the gun. $10/50 with two failures compared to $11/50 and no failures. I guess it's all even. Maybe I'll pick up another box of orange box and see if it happens again.

Unexpected activities, new product testing, and just plinking around. Whatelse should free people do on an unscheduled day off eh?

* Apologies to GuyK and other AF personnel who might read this post. Never being mil, I don't know if Zoomie is an insult or just gentle ribbing. I named the guy that because I didn't get his name.