Saturday, March 29, 2008


One man's trash is another man's target stand....

The NRA: Good For Something....

Behold the Theodore Roosevelt Commemorative Knife! A premium for donating some money or other to either the NRA or NRA-ILA, I don't remember which. Believe it or not, this weapon of mass destruction* is the first knife I've owned - other than kitchen knives - since I was a preteen.

*The blog owner is not responsible for people in Britain, Europe, so-called "Blue" states, and certain provinces in Canada from having the vapors, chills, fainting spells and foaming at the mouth caused by the posting of these pictures. We must be respectful of those with irrational fears of things that could be used in an irresponsible manner. We pity them really....

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Make Your Own Target Stands

Otherwise, stuff like this happens to you if you scrounge someone else's jerry rigged set up:

This is after one shot of the Swiss K31 at approximately 200 yards. See larger view of target area:

The targets were backed by some metal plates we found in the area. They had obviously been used before, but the mighty 7.5 Swiss and 30-06 tore into them like they were butter. Next time, build and take your own stands to ensure suitable targets for picture taking. Here's a view of the field of fire: