Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sportsman's Warehouse

So it looks like one is under construction in Parts Unknown. Anyone have any opinions of the place? I've strolled through one once, just checking it out. Is it just a single story Bass Pro without the big boats? What's it good for? What's it not so good for? Who is its competition? Bass Pro? Dick's? Big 5? There's no Cabela's, Academy, or Gander Mountain in the area, so these three are it. What's the scoop?

Friday, April 25, 2008

They Woik!

Well, finally had a chance to try out the new target stands. Success! They held up to the mighty 30-06 round! They were easy to disassemble and reassemble in the shooting area. I attached a little cardboard backing and stapled up targets and let loose the lead. The stands themselves were the highlight of the day, as the targets themselves left a lot to be desired. Here they are in order of shooting:

I opened the session with the Henry at 25 yards. I fired three tubes of 15 rounds. Not too bad, but I'm either jerking the trigger or not keeping my eyes open when I fire. I sure thought I kept my eyes open.

Next up was the Garand at 100 yards. I shot off the table, but like a dummy, I left the gun vise at home! I rested both elbows on the table and shot two clips. Five clear misses, three misses on the target and eight total scoring hits. I had the sights set at 100 yards. I guess I wasn't steady enough. Five complete misses is an awful lot.

I next shot three clips from a prone position. I won't say "the" prone position, because I'm sure I wasn't positioned correctly. I just dropped the legs and laid on the table. I had two complete misses and three misses on paper. The first two clips went to the top of the target, the last clip shot placed at the bottom. I adjusted the sights to zero. I can't seem to get a consistent grouping, but at least the shots didn't wander from left to right. They mostly stayed in the center of the target anyway. I shot the Garand both times without a sling. I believe if I had a sling, the results would have been better.

I then went back to the Henry to try it out at 100 yards. Lousy compared to twenty five yards. After shooting the Garand, my arms had gotten a little tired, so maybe that had something to do with the results.

Next I went to the pistols. I fired two eight round mags from the Colt Hammerless at 25 yards. Nothing consistent, but it seems that neither mag, the original colt nor the new aftermarket made any difference to my accuracy. Although I missed completely with two shots from the new magazine.

The Makarov was a disappointment. I use it as the first line of home defense. I shot two mags with the chosen Silver Bear hollowpoints. I had one complete miss with the first mag. Each mag had a failure to fire. I'm consistently shooting to the left. Unfortunately, the sights aren't adjustable so I'll have to adjust my aiming instead.

Lastly I brought out the Browning Buckmark Camper. I fired three ten round mags. At least all of shots were on the paper. This one has adjustable sights, but the shots seem to be centered in the middle of the target, just a few strays. Controlling the gun may be more important than sight adjustment here. Also, the distance was a bit long I guess for what I was doing.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

International Screw Up Civilization 'Day

Yes, once again its International Screw Up Civilization 'Day. Just so those who fear everything get the right idea, here's what I did for ISUC'D:

I used my SUV today just to drive around. Yesterday I went out into the desert and indiscriminately tossed away hundreds of pieces of brass and copper and lead. I did my share, will you do yours?????

Save The Planet: Hang a Tyrant!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BAG Day 2008

I got nuttin'. Yesterday was "Fix your car day."

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Gun Rights Crusader

Well, according to The False Messiah, ebony edition. The Monterey County Herald reports that Barry O mocked his opponent for her claims to be for hunters and gun rights.

He stated that, "Hillary Clinton is out there like she's on the duck blind every Sunday. She's packing a six-shooter." If that's the case then Mr O, I would suggest not taking a walk with her through Fort Marcy Park....

Of course, her positions on freedom are well known. In fact, she doesn't really like you bitter, clingy people having too many rights. You will however have the right to remain silent....

Her transformation to Charltina Heston won't be easy. In fact, I foresee her having to assume a new identity in order to become a true gunny. One with finesse. One with bravery as a hallmark. One that shows a certain panache and cool head under fire. I expect that she will become a new creation. With a name that fits all those attributes of goodness, bravery, and negotiating skill. Yes, there's a name, a perfect name for our new defender of freedom. Tuzla Dash! What can't this woman do?! Why, nothing. She'll never be stopped! The forces of evil in this world will tremble when they hear she's set to oppose them! She'll still go about in the guise of freedom hater Hillary Clinton, but we'll know the truth. We've found a new defender of liberty! But we'll have to keep this quiet. Just you, me, and the governor will know about it. It'll be our secret.

In other news, The False Messiah, ivory edition, apparently went to England last week....

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Updated To The New Template

So now, I can't seem to get a comment screen available. You can scroll to the bottom of the screen and access haloscan from there. I re-enabled blogger comments but that isn't showing either. Looks like some research is in order....

Update: guess it won't enable for old posts, just new ones.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Link, New Blog

Check out DoubleTapper for a unique perspective of guns and other interesting things. Link added to sidebar.

Link Cleany Uppy Thingy

Updated the sidebar getting rid of dead links or inactive blogs or changed urls.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Thanks Chuck

Charleton Heston died yesterday as everyone already knows. Great roles in film and great roles in life.

His friends called him Chuck, I wonder if I can do that too?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Target Acquired....

So all it took was a couple of drill bits, a couple of screws and some butterfly bolts and we're ready for action. From this:

To this: