Monday, May 05, 2008

Clinton Gun Gaffe? Yawn....

HNAV sent me a link to a Politico post concerning a recent hit mailer sent out by The Evil One.

It seems her minions got a little creative with the image used. Apparently they reversed the picture and made a left handed model of a Mauser rifle that was never manufactured.

My take? Bleh, so what. That someone involved with the Clinton campaign wouldn't recognize what they're doing concerning firearms is a given with me. If the Clintons needed to use a gun, they'd probably contract it out, not do it themselves. Also, having a little familiarity with how advertisements are constructed, it seems that the aesthetics of the ad would have been more important than the image used. Sure, the ad was directed towards the Fudds and they would, or should have, noticed the error right away. But then again, maybe not. A dust up that probably has no bearing on the course of the election, but I guess if it gets people fired up against Eight Belle's killer, I suppose it's alright to mock the campaign.

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