Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Stuff

Ok, the mail came yesterday and had a box in it. This box contained a Pearce grip for my Bulgy Mak. I immediately put it on and screwed it into the frame. The screw turned and turned and turned before finally tightening up. Then I noticed that the grip looked funny. I wiggled the grip and it slipped right off! Huh?! The screw however, remained in place. Well that wasn't nice. I examined the hole on the grip and noticed that there wasn't any visible damage to the rubber. I reset the grip on the frame and screwed the thing in again, but not turning so many times that it popped through. I made sure it was snug and then I stopped.

I wonder if that's a feature or a bug on these grips? I guess I'll find out how secure the grip is when I get back out to my hidden desert range. Of course, the temps are going to start rising, so I may not get back out there until September - or until Algore comes to town and brings cold weather....