Monday, June 30, 2008

AP, CDC Buffoonery Swamped By Heller Truth

The Enemy Press AP reported today at Las Vegas that the Centers for Disease Control released figures showing 55 percent of the 31,000 firearm deaths recorded for 2005 listed suicide as the cause.

That means fewer than 14,000 deaths were attributed to other causes than self murder. Well, what's that got to do with our individual right to own a firearm? The usual stuff from those who hate your freedom of course. "Public-health researchers have concluded that in homes where guns are present, the likelihood that someone in the home will die from suicide or homicide is much greater." No methodology is given for this however. They also state, "One public-health study found that suicide and homicide rates in the district dropped after the ban was adopted." Uh, yeah. Lessee, the ban was adopted in 1976 and continued until Wednesday. So the DC crime rates should be a consistently downward line from the ban's introduction until this week. For the purposes of this post, we only looked at murder rates.

Ahhhh too baaaad! Their assertion is disproven by the figures. We see that from 1976 - 1987 the murder numbers were within a fifty death range, but from 1988 - 1997 we see a massive increase in murder numbers. The killings subside to high to mid 200s and lower a bit more, but the blatant lie that the gun ban dropped the crime rate is exposed as the anti-freedom shibboleth it is.

Now whatever is the Centers for Disease Control concerned about guns for??? Murder is not a disease. Suicide isn't in itself a disease. Why are they pushing numbers about so-called "gun violence?" Most likely because they're run by the same gun grabbers as infest our houses of congress.

The good news is that we know personal gun use has thwarted crime. We have had a survey in which "Gary Kleck, a researcher at Florida State University's College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, estimates there are more than 1 million incidents each year in which firearms are used to prevent an actual or threatened criminal attack." The truth speaks again, but the usual suspects pooh pooh it thusly: "Public-health experts have said the telephone survey methodology Kleck used likely resulted in an overestimate." Oh really, and care to say by how much? Of course not. So even if his methodology over reported by 50%, that still would mean one half million incidents avoided. Sorry losers, you get beaten again.

Slapped down by the truth, and now they're no longer able to push an anti-gun propaganda line because "the agency cut back research on the subject after Congress in 1996 ordered that none of the CDC's appropriations be used to promote gun control." Whaa whaa whaa whaa.... And now the last paragraph, a joyful note to those who cherish freedom. "Today, the CDC budgets less than $900,000 for firearm-related projects, and most of it is spent to track statistics. The agency no longer funds gun-related policy analysis." Good! Looks like Congress did something right....

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Bullethead Of The Month

For going above and beyond in the fight against the Constitution; for outright buffoonery of the highest order; for being completely ignorant of the meaning of the Second Amendment; for not even knowing that Miller was never convicted; for being a fellow traveler of those who want to destroy America, I present the very first Bullethead Of The Month: Supreme Court "Justice" (snicker) John Paul (Mitchell) Stevens.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Don't Want To Spoil The Party....

So at least enough of our robed rulers had the fortitude to declare a partial truth today when the unconstitutional gun ban in the nation's capital was finally struck down.

There were a few things to pick at after reading the opinion (found here), which will I assume, be the next point of attack for those who would disarm us for their evil ends.

All quotes are from SCOTUSblog:

Justice Scalia said that his reading of prior rulings indicated that the Second Amendment "applies only to the Federal Government." An opening no doubt that will be taken up by gun banners in whatever states exist that do not mirror the Second Amendment with one of their own. Like the cancer they are, the banners will test and probe wherever they can.

Also we see that licensing requirements are still allowed. Of course, no one disagrees that convicted felons who have not had their rights restored, or the insane should be barred from ownership. Not forever in my view, but only while under the disability of law. Anyone with restored citizenship rights or having been judged mentally competent should have their gun rights restored. We've already seen many jurisdictions that are the so-called "may issue" concealed carry areas always seem to deny the license. Does anyone seriously think the confiscators like the Chicago mob or the New York mob won't just find some reason to deny a license, in effect, subverting the new ruling? Only a naif would think they would promptly issue such a license.

It was a strongly written opinion by Justice Scalia. Just as the dissenting opinion was boneheaded and essentially, lies. Unfortunately for us, the 5-4 margin isn't very comfortable. The next president, if he is opposed to public gun ownership - as one of the two major party candidates is - will quite probably have at least two openings during an expected eight year term. If it is two of those who voted to shackle your right to self defense, then perhaps no gain for the grabbers. But if any of the five who voted to uphold the constitution were to vacate, then an unfriendly executive could mould the court towards the rejection of the constitution and start eroding our other rights. So, as much as it makes me vomit, to protect this ruling we must vote for Senator McCain for president. The other candidate associates himself too much with open evildoers to even be considered for the job.

To protect your rights, you must vote in this election against the one whose record has shown nothing but contempt for America and the rights we cherish here.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Psst, Hey Kid! Wanna Sex Toy?

Fox News posted a story about an upscale, "family friendly" sex toy store opening in Brooklyn.

It's clean, well lighted, and probably articulate too! I guess sex toys aren't just for dirty old men and pr0n stars anymore! Gotta get little Johnny and Janie started early ya know. There's probably stroller parking available. Funny though, that many people believe there is a large market for such things. Would it be bad form to say that the continued sexualization of our culture has something to do with it? Bad form indeed! Whatever adults want to use for stimulation is I suppose their right, but setting up such a place according to some is "'...completely unmoral, it’s unclassy — it shouldn’t be here,' said Brooklyn resident Anthony Vedetta." One voice of sanity.

Apparently others do not think the same. "'It’s a diverse, pretty accepting open community of people in Park Slope. It’s in the perfect location,' said Natalia Zukerman, a Park Slope resident, who is an enthusiastic supporter of the store. And at least for now, the shop has been met with mostly positive reviews. 'I think the ladies are going to be pretty excited about it, and I’m sure there are some gentlemen who will be as well,' said Zukerman. (The owner, Claire) Cavanah and staff aim to make women feel empowered, not embarrassed, they say. A sign in the front of the store implores customers to 'relax, take a look around, and enjoy,' and the employees 'try to have a sense of humor and be intelligent and warm,' said Cavanah." Yeah, sure. Dress it up all you want, it's still a sex store. No different than one down on 42nd street. But don't let that stop you from mainstreaming it. We don't want to be judgmental after all, do we? This is N Y F'n C Baby! Hip, happenin' hoary old notions of morality need not apply progressive city! Besides, it's empowering for women to buy these toys to satisfy a guy's fantasies! What more needs to be said? Prolly nuttin'. It's not as if exposing children to sexuality is bad for them anyway!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Government Surrenders Again!!!!

Another government surrender to the terrorists occurred today when the Supreme Court ruled that illegal combatants had citizen rights. That's correct, you read that right. Five members of the Supreme Court have effectively surrendered our country to the terrorists.

The infamous five - whose names deserved the scorn and disgust of all free men and women everywhere - the new Benedict Arnolds, were as to be expected: Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, David Souter, John Paul Stevens, and Anthony Kennedy. These five have effectively declared themselves your enemies. They have given us over to murderous thugs anywhere who would attempt to attack, kill, and to destroy us. They have, in truth, renounced their citizenship. They are no longer my fellow citizens. Tell us now, who can we turn to? Every branch of government now refuses to protect us. Every branch has given away our rights, our freedoms to those who would destroy us, yet our illustrious "leaders" continue to take away from us. God Damn America?! It seems that the False Reverend Wright's prayer is coming to pass. Where is the answer to our prayers? We make our views known to our representatives and they continue to ignore us. They let us be overwhelmed with illegal immigrants during a time of war. They attempt to muzzle our rights to speech by blocking campaign ads. Our own representatives spout inane drivel about worthless and unimportant things in the sports world instead of protecting us. Where are you President Reagan? Where are you TR? Where are you Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton? I fear we are in danger of losing, where are you????

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Old Gun Club Gets Reprieve

According to the Centennial View neighborhood paper, it appears that a Las Vegas icon will be continuing to offer shotgunning goodness to the residents and visitors to the area.

The city council has agreed to extend the lease of the Las Vegas Gun Club until the end of 2009, past the time the new Clark County Shooting Park will be opening its first phase. After that, everything is up in the air as to the fate of the gun club. It appears that although the County Shooting Park will be the main center of shooting sports in the Vegas valley, perhaps it's unwise to write off the older gun club, according to the operator of the gun club, Steve Carmichael. "'Everybody wants to keep us here,' Steve Carmichael said. 'Councilman Ross told me in the last six months, he'd bet he's heard from every customer and user at our facility. We have a loyal following, and that really reinforced for him how much support we have here. That park is a county park. I wonder if the city is aware, if they realize what they could do with this place for a fraction of the cost. The city could have a shiny counterpart to the county facility here.'"

The Clark County facility is expected to be the largest public shooting range in the country if it is built to completion. There is still room for another range in the area. The Las Vegas Gun Club's continued existence will benefit shooters in the area and from around the country and world.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Vultures Attack: Two Versions Of Sam's Club Shooting

Yesterday a four year old girl shot herself when she took her grandmother's gun from her purse in a Columbia South Carolina Sam's Club. There's an Enemy Press AP version, and a local version from The State newspaper in Columbia.

Both have their problems with editorializing this unhappy incident. The AP story starts out innocently enough. It covers the facts, but by the end of the fourth paragraph, the editorializing begins. "...the grandmother, Donna Hutto Williamson, has a permit to carry a concealed weapon and the purse containing the small-caliber handgun was in the cart near the child. The 47-year-old Williamson, of Salley, was not immediately charged with a crime." Not immediately charged with a crime? Really? Hopefully someone from South Carolina can enlighten us as to what the law is in that state concerning accidental or negligent discharge of firearms. Is it a crime if someone accesses a gun and uses it without the owner's permission? Some states do have laws such as this, but does South Carolina? And is the AP expecting the grandmother to be charged? Are they hoping for her to be charged? Considering the Enemy Press outlet AP seems to have an affinity for siding with evil, it wouldn't be surprising if they wanted the grandmother incarcerated. Notice in the story, it's reported the grandmother is a magistrate in the area and has a concealed weapon permit. Even that gets a sidelong smear from the AP at the end of the story. "Concealed weapons permit holders in South Carolina are not allowed to carry weapons into buildings that prohibit it, or into government buildings, schools and daycare facilities, among other places." So the evil, gun owner is committing a crime by having the gun, right. Not so fast. The AP mooks also reported this little tidbit right after the prior paragraph. "The Sam's Club store does not have a sign prohibiting guns inside." Therefore, she wasn't breaking a law by carrying in the store. Just can't get a straight story without the Enemy Press AP denigrating law abiding gun owners.

Well, it appears that the local paper can't do any better. They actually didn't run the AP story, but wrote one of their own. Lest you think it would be fairer, think again. The State had a statement by the thugs at the Brady Center for Citizen Disarmament. It was probably a ready made, stock statement to go with any gun incident. "Peter Hamm, spokesman for the nonprofit Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said Monday’s incident is 'unfortunately ... all too common' nationwide. 'The best way to make sure that kids don’t get injured with a firearm is not to have a firearm around,' he said. 'If you’re going to have a gun around a kid, you should have a trigger lock on it so you can’t operate the thing.' Yeah, make a gun useless. Disarm yourselves, be at the mercy of criminals. And just how common is death by firearm? Well, this website seems to think that other things are a bit more likely to cause death, especially for children. Accidents, poisoning, drowning. But don't let that get in the way of demonizing guns.

The story also notes a report by a group called the Children's Defense Fund that trumpets gun deaths for kids and teens have risen since 2003. So who are these children? Well, according to the CDF, that number includes anyone under the age of twenty. Twenty? Well, sure. Seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen year olds are teens, right? But they are not really children are they, just legally considered minors. How convenient for them to include older teens who might just happen to be criminals engaging in criminal activity when they were killed by a gun. But they don't report that. It doesn't fit their agenda of citizen disarmament.

The agenda these people push can't help but twist what should be a straightforward telling of a grandmother's nightmare and the harm to a child. It doesn't even faze those who can't wait to take away your right to self protection from criminals and immoral politicians. No matter the harm, no matter the lies needed, no matter the cost to truth, these hoodlums will continue to press and press until they are utterly discredited or they succeed in taking your rights away. All so they can impose their control over you.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

WTH? A Photo Of A Child With Gun Leads To Arrest?

Well... saw this little blurb on Enemy Press Network CNN this morning. And, as usual, the story is not quite what it seems to be. You see, the way the story was presented led you to believe that the person who took the pictures was arrested for taking the pictures. Following a link to Florida television station tells "the rest of the story...."

All the hullabaloo was of course misdirected to make the good citizens outraged that a child! (oh the horror) had a gun in her hand. In fact, here's the lede: "A convicted felon was arrested in Palm Bay after allegedly putting a gun in a 6-year-old child's hands and forcing her to pose for pictures." Ok, so that's why he was arrested, right? Well, wasn't he? Nah.

As surely as a dog eats its own feces, the Enemy Press doesn't tell the truth. Until they've pushed their agenda that is. You'd have to read down to the end of paragraph five to find out that the photos were taken on a stolen cell phone. That's right, a stolen cell phone! Let's say it again, a stolen cell phone! One more time! A STOLEN CELL PHONE. You see, neither the photos nor the contents were the cause of the arrest. The man was arrested because he allegedly stole and used his employers cell phone!!!! It had absolutely nothing to do with the child holding the blinking gun!!!! The photos had absolutely nothing to do with the story. It was just an agenda angle by the Enemy Press to darken the support of gun rights.

Let's be clear on this. The arrestee is no Second Amendment hero. He is a felon who was in possession of stolen property. The fact he had a gun is immaterial to the story, but very material to an anti-Second Amendment and freedom Enemy Press. We have no way of knowing if the child has knowledge of the rules of gun safety. Only a half witted buffoon would do something like that. All law abiding gun owners understand guns are not toys and not to be played with. However, what's a little lie to someone who wants you disarmed? Nothing. Whatever it takes to shove their freedom hating agenda down our throats. Expect nothing less from them.

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Cancel The Olympics: Jim McKay Passes

Jim McKay, the quintessential Olympics broadcast host died today. Of course we should boycott and ignore the Olympics this year anyway, but let's do it for Jim....

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Carbine Targets

I went out a few days ago to try the carbine on my new sandbags.

I figured I'd give dad a few shots on the carbine since he was so kind to be a target holder for me earlier....

So, on to the targets, both shot at 100 yards. The first target was already out there so I decided to use it instead of my silhouette. I shot one fifteen round mag and one twelve round mag of the orange box HSM ammo I found at a gun show for $10/50. No misfires this time. The circled hits were shot from the sandbags and the other hits were shot offhand standing using the sling. I had ten hits from twelve sandbagged. The first two hit the backstop but not the paper as I was setting the sights. I had one other flyer at the bottom of the target. I had eleven out of fifteen offhand. I'm shooting to the right on the bags, but that could have been because the table wasn't quite on level ground. Definitely less accuracy with the sling. I went all over the target, plus four misses.

Next up was a silhouette target using remington cartridges, two mags of fifteen. The first mag was sandbagged, the second mag was offhand standing with the sling. A hit right in the center! Still missed with a few while setting the sights. It would be nice to have a more consistent shot pattern. I guess that means more time shooting!!!!

The NRA: Good For Something (Part 2)....

Received this in the mail yesterday from the NRA. Didn't order it, didn't donate, so I guess I'm just such a good guy that they wanted to give me a gift!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday Hawk Blogging

Just found him/her sitting on top of a power pole. Appears to be a Red Tailed Hawk.