Monday, June 30, 2008

AP, CDC Buffoonery Swamped By Heller Truth

The Enemy Press AP reported today at Las Vegas that the Centers for Disease Control released figures showing 55 percent of the 31,000 firearm deaths recorded for 2005 listed suicide as the cause.

That means fewer than 14,000 deaths were attributed to other causes than self murder. Well, what's that got to do with our individual right to own a firearm? The usual stuff from those who hate your freedom of course. "Public-health researchers have concluded that in homes where guns are present, the likelihood that someone in the home will die from suicide or homicide is much greater." No methodology is given for this however. They also state, "One public-health study found that suicide and homicide rates in the district dropped after the ban was adopted." Uh, yeah. Lessee, the ban was adopted in 1976 and continued until Wednesday. So the DC crime rates should be a consistently downward line from the ban's introduction until this week. For the purposes of this post, we only looked at murder rates.

Ahhhh too baaaad! Their assertion is disproven by the figures. We see that from 1976 - 1987 the murder numbers were within a fifty death range, but from 1988 - 1997 we see a massive increase in murder numbers. The killings subside to high to mid 200s and lower a bit more, but the blatant lie that the gun ban dropped the crime rate is exposed as the anti-freedom shibboleth it is.

Now whatever is the Centers for Disease Control concerned about guns for??? Murder is not a disease. Suicide isn't in itself a disease. Why are they pushing numbers about so-called "gun violence?" Most likely because they're run by the same gun grabbers as infest our houses of congress.

The good news is that we know personal gun use has thwarted crime. We have had a survey in which "Gary Kleck, a researcher at Florida State University's College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, estimates there are more than 1 million incidents each year in which firearms are used to prevent an actual or threatened criminal attack." The truth speaks again, but the usual suspects pooh pooh it thusly: "Public-health experts have said the telephone survey methodology Kleck used likely resulted in an overestimate." Oh really, and care to say by how much? Of course not. So even if his methodology over reported by 50%, that still would mean one half million incidents avoided. Sorry losers, you get beaten again.

Slapped down by the truth, and now they're no longer able to push an anti-gun propaganda line because "the agency cut back research on the subject after Congress in 1996 ordered that none of the CDC's appropriations be used to promote gun control." Whaa whaa whaa whaa.... And now the last paragraph, a joyful note to those who cherish freedom. "Today, the CDC budgets less than $900,000 for firearm-related projects, and most of it is spent to track statistics. The agency no longer funds gun-related policy analysis." Good! Looks like Congress did something right....

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