Thursday, June 05, 2008

Carbine Targets

I went out a few days ago to try the carbine on my new sandbags.

I figured I'd give dad a few shots on the carbine since he was so kind to be a target holder for me earlier....

So, on to the targets, both shot at 100 yards. The first target was already out there so I decided to use it instead of my silhouette. I shot one fifteen round mag and one twelve round mag of the orange box HSM ammo I found at a gun show for $10/50. No misfires this time. The circled hits were shot from the sandbags and the other hits were shot offhand standing using the sling. I had ten hits from twelve sandbagged. The first two hit the backstop but not the paper as I was setting the sights. I had one other flyer at the bottom of the target. I had eleven out of fifteen offhand. I'm shooting to the right on the bags, but that could have been because the table wasn't quite on level ground. Definitely less accuracy with the sling. I went all over the target, plus four misses.

Next up was a silhouette target using remington cartridges, two mags of fifteen. The first mag was sandbagged, the second mag was offhand standing with the sling. A hit right in the center! Still missed with a few while setting the sights. It would be nice to have a more consistent shot pattern. I guess that means more time shooting!!!!