Thursday, June 12, 2008

Government Surrenders Again!!!!

Another government surrender to the terrorists occurred today when the Supreme Court ruled that illegal combatants had citizen rights. That's correct, you read that right. Five members of the Supreme Court have effectively surrendered our country to the terrorists.

The infamous five - whose names deserved the scorn and disgust of all free men and women everywhere - the new Benedict Arnolds, were as to be expected: Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, David Souter, John Paul Stevens, and Anthony Kennedy. These five have effectively declared themselves your enemies. They have given us over to murderous thugs anywhere who would attempt to attack, kill, and to destroy us. They have, in truth, renounced their citizenship. They are no longer my fellow citizens. Tell us now, who can we turn to? Every branch of government now refuses to protect us. Every branch has given away our rights, our freedoms to those who would destroy us, yet our illustrious "leaders" continue to take away from us. God Damn America?! It seems that the False Reverend Wright's prayer is coming to pass. Where is the answer to our prayers? We make our views known to our representatives and they continue to ignore us. They let us be overwhelmed with illegal immigrants during a time of war. They attempt to muzzle our rights to speech by blocking campaign ads. Our own representatives spout inane drivel about worthless and unimportant things in the sports world instead of protecting us. Where are you President Reagan? Where are you TR? Where are you Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton? I fear we are in danger of losing, where are you????

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