Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Don't Want To Spoil The Party....

So at least enough of our robed rulers had the fortitude to declare a partial truth today when the unconstitutional gun ban in the nation's capital was finally struck down.

There were a few things to pick at after reading the opinion (found here), which will I assume, be the next point of attack for those who would disarm us for their evil ends.

All quotes are from SCOTUSblog:

Justice Scalia said that his reading of prior rulings indicated that the Second Amendment "applies only to the Federal Government." An opening no doubt that will be taken up by gun banners in whatever states exist that do not mirror the Second Amendment with one of their own. Like the cancer they are, the banners will test and probe wherever they can.

Also we see that licensing requirements are still allowed. Of course, no one disagrees that convicted felons who have not had their rights restored, or the insane should be barred from ownership. Not forever in my view, but only while under the disability of law. Anyone with restored citizenship rights or having been judged mentally competent should have their gun rights restored. We've already seen many jurisdictions that are the so-called "may issue" concealed carry areas always seem to deny the license. Does anyone seriously think the confiscators like the Chicago mob or the New York mob won't just find some reason to deny a license, in effect, subverting the new ruling? Only a naif would think they would promptly issue such a license.

It was a strongly written opinion by Justice Scalia. Just as the dissenting opinion was boneheaded and essentially, lies. Unfortunately for us, the 5-4 margin isn't very comfortable. The next president, if he is opposed to public gun ownership - as one of the two major party candidates is - will quite probably have at least two openings during an expected eight year term. If it is two of those who voted to shackle your right to self defense, then perhaps no gain for the grabbers. But if any of the five who voted to uphold the constitution were to vacate, then an unfriendly executive could mould the court towards the rejection of the constitution and start eroding our other rights. So, as much as it makes me vomit, to protect this ruling we must vote for Senator McCain for president. The other candidate associates himself too much with open evildoers to even be considered for the job.

To protect your rights, you must vote in this election against the one whose record has shown nothing but contempt for America and the rights we cherish here.

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