Monday, June 16, 2008

Psst, Hey Kid! Wanna Sex Toy?

Fox News posted a story about an upscale, "family friendly" sex toy store opening in Brooklyn.

It's clean, well lighted, and probably articulate too! I guess sex toys aren't just for dirty old men and pr0n stars anymore! Gotta get little Johnny and Janie started early ya know. There's probably stroller parking available. Funny though, that many people believe there is a large market for such things. Would it be bad form to say that the continued sexualization of our culture has something to do with it? Bad form indeed! Whatever adults want to use for stimulation is I suppose their right, but setting up such a place according to some is "'...completely unmoral, it’s unclassy — it shouldn’t be here,' said Brooklyn resident Anthony Vedetta." One voice of sanity.

Apparently others do not think the same. "'It’s a diverse, pretty accepting open community of people in Park Slope. It’s in the perfect location,' said Natalia Zukerman, a Park Slope resident, who is an enthusiastic supporter of the store. And at least for now, the shop has been met with mostly positive reviews. 'I think the ladies are going to be pretty excited about it, and I’m sure there are some gentlemen who will be as well,' said Zukerman. (The owner, Claire) Cavanah and staff aim to make women feel empowered, not embarrassed, they say. A sign in the front of the store implores customers to 'relax, take a look around, and enjoy,' and the employees 'try to have a sense of humor and be intelligent and warm,' said Cavanah." Yeah, sure. Dress it up all you want, it's still a sex store. No different than one down on 42nd street. But don't let that stop you from mainstreaming it. We don't want to be judgmental after all, do we? This is N Y F'n C Baby! Hip, happenin' hoary old notions of morality need not apply progressive city! Besides, it's empowering for women to buy these toys to satisfy a guy's fantasies! What more needs to be said? Prolly nuttin'. It's not as if exposing children to sexuality is bad for them anyway!

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