Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Vultures Attack: Two Versions Of Sam's Club Shooting

Yesterday a four year old girl shot herself when she took her grandmother's gun from her purse in a Columbia South Carolina Sam's Club. There's an Enemy Press AP version, and a local version from The State newspaper in Columbia.

Both have their problems with editorializing this unhappy incident. The AP story starts out innocently enough. It covers the facts, but by the end of the fourth paragraph, the editorializing begins. "...the grandmother, Donna Hutto Williamson, has a permit to carry a concealed weapon and the purse containing the small-caliber handgun was in the cart near the child. The 47-year-old Williamson, of Salley, was not immediately charged with a crime." Not immediately charged with a crime? Really? Hopefully someone from South Carolina can enlighten us as to what the law is in that state concerning accidental or negligent discharge of firearms. Is it a crime if someone accesses a gun and uses it without the owner's permission? Some states do have laws such as this, but does South Carolina? And is the AP expecting the grandmother to be charged? Are they hoping for her to be charged? Considering the Enemy Press outlet AP seems to have an affinity for siding with evil, it wouldn't be surprising if they wanted the grandmother incarcerated. Notice in the story, it's reported the grandmother is a magistrate in the area and has a concealed weapon permit. Even that gets a sidelong smear from the AP at the end of the story. "Concealed weapons permit holders in South Carolina are not allowed to carry weapons into buildings that prohibit it, or into government buildings, schools and daycare facilities, among other places." So the evil, gun owner is committing a crime by having the gun, right. Not so fast. The AP mooks also reported this little tidbit right after the prior paragraph. "The Sam's Club store does not have a sign prohibiting guns inside." Therefore, she wasn't breaking a law by carrying in the store. Just can't get a straight story without the Enemy Press AP denigrating law abiding gun owners.

Well, it appears that the local paper can't do any better. They actually didn't run the AP story, but wrote one of their own. Lest you think it would be fairer, think again. The State had a statement by the thugs at the Brady Center for Citizen Disarmament. It was probably a ready made, stock statement to go with any gun incident. "Peter Hamm, spokesman for the nonprofit Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said Monday’s incident is 'unfortunately ... all too common' nationwide. 'The best way to make sure that kids don’t get injured with a firearm is not to have a firearm around,' he said. 'If you’re going to have a gun around a kid, you should have a trigger lock on it so you can’t operate the thing.' Yeah, make a gun useless. Disarm yourselves, be at the mercy of criminals. And just how common is death by firearm? Well, this website seems to think that other things are a bit more likely to cause death, especially for children. Accidents, poisoning, drowning. But don't let that get in the way of demonizing guns.

The story also notes a report by a group called the Children's Defense Fund that trumpets gun deaths for kids and teens have risen since 2003. So who are these children? Well, according to the CDF, that number includes anyone under the age of twenty. Twenty? Well, sure. Seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen year olds are teens, right? But they are not really children are they, just legally considered minors. How convenient for them to include older teens who might just happen to be criminals engaging in criminal activity when they were killed by a gun. But they don't report that. It doesn't fit their agenda of citizen disarmament.

The agenda these people push can't help but twist what should be a straightforward telling of a grandmother's nightmare and the harm to a child. It doesn't even faze those who can't wait to take away your right to self protection from criminals and immoral politicians. No matter the harm, no matter the lies needed, no matter the cost to truth, these hoodlums will continue to press and press until they are utterly discredited or they succeed in taking your rights away. All so they can impose their control over you.

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