Saturday, June 07, 2008

WTH? A Photo Of A Child With Gun Leads To Arrest?

Well... saw this little blurb on Enemy Press Network CNN this morning. And, as usual, the story is not quite what it seems to be. You see, the way the story was presented led you to believe that the person who took the pictures was arrested for taking the pictures. Following a link to Florida television station tells "the rest of the story...."

All the hullabaloo was of course misdirected to make the good citizens outraged that a child! (oh the horror) had a gun in her hand. In fact, here's the lede: "A convicted felon was arrested in Palm Bay after allegedly putting a gun in a 6-year-old child's hands and forcing her to pose for pictures." Ok, so that's why he was arrested, right? Well, wasn't he? Nah.

As surely as a dog eats its own feces, the Enemy Press doesn't tell the truth. Until they've pushed their agenda that is. You'd have to read down to the end of paragraph five to find out that the photos were taken on a stolen cell phone. That's right, a stolen cell phone! Let's say it again, a stolen cell phone! One more time! A STOLEN CELL PHONE. You see, neither the photos nor the contents were the cause of the arrest. The man was arrested because he allegedly stole and used his employers cell phone!!!! It had absolutely nothing to do with the child holding the blinking gun!!!! The photos had absolutely nothing to do with the story. It was just an agenda angle by the Enemy Press to darken the support of gun rights.

Let's be clear on this. The arrestee is no Second Amendment hero. He is a felon who was in possession of stolen property. The fact he had a gun is immaterial to the story, but very material to an anti-Second Amendment and freedom Enemy Press. We have no way of knowing if the child has knowledge of the rules of gun safety. Only a half witted buffoon would do something like that. All law abiding gun owners understand guns are not toys and not to be played with. However, what's a little lie to someone who wants you disarmed? Nothing. Whatever it takes to shove their freedom hating agenda down our throats. Expect nothing less from them.

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