Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bullethead Of The Month

July's Bullethead of the Month goes to two people! The race for anti-gun chief buffoon for this month is split between the mayor of Washington DC, Adrian Fenty, for his pathetic refusal to obey the law as handed down by the Supreme Court in the Heller decision, and obstruction and delay of implementing the right to keep and bear arms in the district.

Sharing this month's dishonor is the hysteric anti-gun Representative Carolyn McCarthy. Her office had a political opponent and pro-gun rights advocate arrested and his guns were confiscated because he dared appear at one of her local offices to make his voice heard as our constitution guarantees. Another heavy handed attempt by a politician to silence those who disagree with their anti-American and anti-freedom views.

Please call or write either of these two and laugh at them. Loud and long public ridicule is one way to clear the political landscape from hoodlums in high office. Do it. For the children.......

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