Saturday, July 12, 2008

Church Gun Giveaway Horrifies Media

Enemy Press Network CNN posts a story out of Oklahoma City's KOCO .com concerning a local church's planned gun giveaway.

Reporters are suitably shocked by the idea of kids and churches being mixed up with guns. According to the video on the site, the station was clued into this story by an apparently disgruntled ex member of the church. Guess he/she didn't think that protecting yourself has anything to do with religion.

Turns out that the pastor who runs the giveaway isn't able to attend, so the gun will be kept until next year. Only at the end of the video, and not included in the text story, is the reason for the gun event explained. The pastor is an ex green beret who wants to educate kids about the safe, appropriate use of firearms. Guess they thought it wasn't important to put in that little tidbit until the end. That little tidbit being the most important part of the story. Gun safety.

Leave it to the Enemy Press to try to denigrate a church for doing something more organizations should do. Gun safety and training is everyone's business. Most likely they were just afraid of the fact that Christians might be willing to use guns to protect themselves from crime and tyranny instead of being docile sheep to be slaughtered.

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