Monday, July 07, 2008

Ya-hoos Poll

It looks like the sharp political minds at Yahoo! and the Enemy Press AP thought it'd be nice to get the top ten descriptions of the presumptive nominees for president.

Here's what was said about John McCain:

1. Old 19%

2. Military service 9%

3. Record, qualifications 8%

4. Bush 7%

5. Strength 7%

6. Insider, politician 7%

7. Iraq, terrorism 6%

8. Honest 5%

9. Republican 5%

10. (tie) Moral/good and dishonest 4%

Hmm, looks like trying to tie McCain to the President isn't working all that well. We see that the Enemy Press is pushing the old angle as we see constant referral to his age in nearly every story about him.

Now for the commun, er Obama's description:

1. Outsider, change 20%

2. Lack of experience 13%

3. Dishonest 9%

4. Inspiring 8%

5. Liberal 6%

6, 7 (tie). Obama's race, young 6%

8. Not likable 5%

9. Intelligent 4%

10. Muslim 3%

Well, we see here that the ultimate Chicago machine insider is duping quite a large percentage of the people surveyed. We also see that despite the push by the Enemy Press, a good number of people see him, rightly, as having no experience and dishonest to boot. His dishonest number is double McCains.

What, if anything, this means at the moment is left to be seen. Most likely those who hate liberty will use this information to try to bury McCains positives and Obama's negatives in a desperate attempt to foist an America hating, filthy red on us. The power of the press is still great enough that it just might work.

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