Sunday, August 03, 2008

Obama Yellow Streak Watch

Fox News reports an Enemy Press AP report that the False Messiah, Ebony Division, has turned yella concerning some debates with Sen John McCain.

Seems that when the Annointed One was in the process of knocking off the heroine Tuzla Dash, he was willing to debate Sen McCain anytime, anyplace. Ol' Yellow Stain now has changed his mind. Has the Human Gaffe Machine stumbled one too many times to trust himself in an unguarded moment of extemporaneous speech? Has the puffery by the Enemy Press placed him on so high a pedestal that he now fears he'll fall to earth and expose his feet of clay? Can he speak without a script? Most likely not, as we've seen constant backpedals and clarifications from the Heavenly camp whenever the New Soviet, er, American Man speaks without a teleprompter.

It might be interesting to watch the debates....

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