Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Chastisement Exposes His Anti-American Agenda At Once

Fox News reports the Chastisement has already declared his desire to work against the interests of America and working Americans by rescinding President Bush's executive orders releasing public lands for oil exploration.

When President Bush ordered the opening of public lands for oil, the skyrocketing prices of oil immediately dropped. Now the socialist overlords have made plain their plans for this country by removing these areas from exploration and drilling. All which will result in higher prices and more purchases from countries who already don't like us, but have a kindred spirit in the new one who plans to rule.

The public was advised about the dreams and desires of this group of people who lusted for power. Now the results have barely been reported and the drive against American freedom has begun. Wish you had paid attention to the truth about the liars? Can't wait to see your gas and heating oil bills once the areas are again shut off by those in the halls of power who hate this country. Perhaps now you'll start paying attention. Maybe now you'll see what you did by blindly voting for change. You voted for change alright, evil change. Hope you enjoy it....

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