Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Filthy, Satanic Hand Of UN Gun Control Rises From The Crypt, Again

Here we go again. The evildoers at the UN are trying once again to stifle the ability of people to remain free, or gain freedom from government thuggery, according to The Age out of Australia. The usual collection of tyrant lovers speak out about a proposed Arms Trade Treaty which claims it would "prevent the diversion of conventional arms from the legal to the illicit market, where they can be used for terrorist acts, organized crime and other criminal activities."

In other words, prevent the use of arms to overthrow government groups that engage in "terrorist acts, organized crime and other criminal activities" to oppress people of countries around the world. Yeah, we know the drill already: The UN, an organization made up of many countries from around the world. Most of whom are oppressive, thug, illicit regimes that stifle dissent with deadly force - like President Bush does!!!

A choice number of headspinningly platitudinous pabulum is served up for your disapproval.

From the British, who apparently thought up this great idea: "Britain's UN Ambassador John Sawers welcomed adoption of the text and expressed hope that the next US administration (The False Messiah, Ebony Division, they hope and pray to their father, the Devil) will reconsider its opposition to the proposed Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) 'to ensure that the arms trade lives up to standards we believe all responsible exporting countries should aspire to.'" Yeah, like those countries that keep their people in thrall at the point of their guns....

"Brian Wood, a spokesman for London-based Amnesty International, said that Friday's 'big vote moves the world closer to an Arms Trade Treaty with respect for human rights at its heart.'" Unless your country oppresses you and keeps you from having your true rights of Liberty, then, no soup - or arms - for you!

"Anna Macdonald said on behalf of the non-governmental organisation (sic) Oxfam International that the vote 'is one step closer to turning off the running tap of irresponsible arms transfers which have flooded the world's conflict zones for decades, fueling death, injury and poverty.'" And keeping their heroes in power like the Cuban Corpse Fidel Castro, the Little Monkey Chavez, and others dictators they routinely service.

"Earlier this week, visiting British ambassador for arms control and disarmament John Duncan told reporters here that the ATT was a 'very new idea,' akin to the Kimberley process regulating the diamond trade." Uh no, sorry. Evil ain't new pally.

These people are frightening in their opposition to freedom. The resort to arms is the last chance many oppressed people have. The evildoers always portray themselves as some kind of heroes of the people, but in reality, from China to Russia, from Nazi Germany to Imperial Japan, from Venezuela to North Korea, thugs of every stripe and dogma cannot be overthrown just by protest and words. Precisely because the very people who are supposed to help countries achieve freedom many times willingly feed countries to the ravenous lions who would devour them. All for international favor, and celebrity. They love the expensive dinners, the kickbacks, the payoffs from the true oppressors around the world. They love the darkness. They favor liberty and individual conscience with their words while their actions call them out as liars.

No, we know in reality a treaty such as this will do nothing to stem the tide of government oppression, but keep arms from the hands of those who have no other way remaining to free themselves. All thanks to the vipers, the whitewashed sepulchres who claim to promote freedom, but in reality help impose vicious tyrannies on people everywhere.

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