Thursday, January 29, 2009

Enemy Press Tries to Deeper Throat

Politico reports the lapdog press spin about King Saul's® failure to get even one RINO to vote for the government theft package passed by the Democrat thieves in CONgress.

Poor little deep throaters have to try to paint The Chastisement's® failure as obstinacy on the part of House Republicans to bend over and let America be sodomized by the Failure in Chief. Now, like the lily fingered thugs they are, the administration has decided to allow their enforcers to bully the brave patriotic dissenters into changing their positions on the further rape of the public treasury. The usual evil organizations such as MoveOn, Americans United for Change, AFSCME, and the SEIU are going to spend millions to defame those who rightly said "no" to our future indebtedness. It's the Chicago way, moved to DC. Hopefully the voters in the targeted areas understand the lobbyists mentioned above are only trying to stick their filthy snouts into the public trough to further their anti-American, leftist agenda.

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