Monday, January 26, 2009

King Saul® Throttles America's Prosperity Again

Enemy Press News Outlet Reuters reports that King Saul® has exercised his imperial prerogative and decreed that states may now impose strict, economy destroying emission standards on automobiles far above those set by the federal dominate.

The Chastisement® is going to let tyrannical governments in such thug run states as California use their size and power to force many car makers to adhere to their vision of a collectivist utopia which doesn't allow the soon to be serf to exercise their rights to private transportation.

America was warned that this man is a commie terror symp, but they wouldn't listen and took refuge in the false belief that salvation was at hand. Raising emission standards will not result in cleaner air, but in a larger bureaucracy that will invest itself as the arbiter of what the serf will be allow to drive, if allowed to retain private transportation at all.

King Saul® has done nothing for this country since his accession to the throne, but has done everything America's enemies would like to do: throttle our business, reduce private rights, halt punishment of terrorists, coddle up to mass murderers, and his majesty recently decreed that mass murder is the preferred way of birth control.

Will Americans wake up to the fact that this man is not in office for our good, but to do us ill? As long as the opposition politicians refuse to oppose, it doesn't bode well for our continued existence as a free nation. All the evil the filthy left has spewed over the last eight years will come true from one of their own.

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DirtCrashr said...

I have tried to remain optimistic about this guy but he's crushing that fast.