Thursday, January 29, 2009

King Saul's® Answer To Everything: Death!

The reign of King Saul® began inauspiciously, if you're not yet born or have AIDS. Seems that The Chastisement® just can't seem to do anything that doesn't result in dead babies or dead adults.

Earlier this week King Saul® decreed that your tax money would go to foreign organizations who just love to kill the unborn. So thanks to his hubristic majesty, you're now paying for the murders of untold children.

The day after he ascended the throne, he decided that a Bush Administration appointee who oversaw an agency called PEPFAR, the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, that helped people infected with the HIV virus, had to go. Apparently, though the coordinator, Dr Mark Dybul, was very good at his job of helping those afflicted with HIV, he had committed the sin of administering a program that included abstinence as a way to avoid infection. Therefore to please Salome, er the radical anti-life leftists, Dr Dybul was told to resign. So again, King Saul® bowed to those who hate life.

That's the hope and change you voted for?

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