Saturday, January 24, 2009

King Saul's® Personal Enemy Press Deep Throater

A usual Enemy Press puff piece passing as a real news story was published under the byline of a writer for the Enemy Press News Outlet AP. You couldn't really tell whether it was a script for a porn movie or not, but it sure seemed as if it was composed, not sitting at a typewriter, but on the writer's knees while performing fellatio on The False Messiah.

Sure, you expect some differences between a President who honors his country and does what's necessary to protect it, and a buffoon who has no business being in the seat of power. One cherishes what we have, the other wants to destroy it and make it in the image of all the failed totalitarian states of history.

So of course the Enemy Press has to try to make this destruction appear to be something the people want and something that's benign, although it's truly the antithesis of what this country stands for.

For example they spooged: "Barack Obama opened his presidency by breaking sharply from George W. Bush's unpopular administration, but he mostly avoided divisive partisan and ideological stands. He focused instead on fixing the economy, repairing a battered world image and cleaning up government." So unpopular, meaning hated by the leftists and misunderstood by the lazy public, makes the new Fearful Leader some kind of new guy? Yeah, right. He immediately launched into divisive politics by trying to attack Rush Limbaugh, failing miserably of course. As for fixing a battered image, what pray tell is battered? The tender feelings of killers? The sensitive psyches of those Europeons who fall to their knees in front of Islamic killers and join their chorus of "Jews to the ovens?" We don't need their approbation. They can all go to hell...of course they all are anyway. All the while sending up criminals and people who hate our rights for nearly every cabinet position. Sure sounds like a way to clean up government, put dirty thugs in charge.

It would be laughable if it wasn't so dangerous to our freedom. The Enemy Press still has enough power over the people's thoughts that they conned them into electing this commie terror symp as leader of the free world.

The fact that most people were hoodwinked by this friend of terrorists and racists goes to show we must be eternally vigilant at election time. All the vicious attacks on President Bush are in reality, what we have in our new failed leader.

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