Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Terror Symp In Chief - The Mask Slips

King Saul® ordered the cessation of tribunals for the terrorists being held in Gitmo, as one of his first official acts, according to Happy Knob Gobblin' Fest particpant CNN.

Trying to close the camp and get them into US courts no doubt. Where they can enjoy rights they, according to all laws of war, are not entitled to. What's more is you the citizen of the United States, will pay for their defense! Perhaps he's hoping his pals will be acquitted because the government doesn't want to divulge secrets of how and when they were captured.

That would be par for the course for a leader who's first official call as leader of the free world was to a murderer, Abbas of the fake state of Palestine. Yeah, that's right, he didn't call an ally like the PM of the UK, or the PM of Australia, or even the President of France or the Chancellor of Germany. He called a killer. A homicidal, genocidal maniac. Linked to Yahoo! from AFP.

One day in office and already harming our interests and coddling the sworn enemies of our allies....

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