Saturday, February 28, 2009

Across The Street

I recently arrived home from a night's work and a helicopter started circling above. I took a look outside and when I saw it was a police chopper buzzing the neighborhood, I did what I always do, break out a pistol just in case a bad guy is loose in the area. I slipped my Colt Hammerless in my pocket and two mags and scouted around from the yard. A fire engine and ambulance drove down my street and stopped at the court. I noticed they just stopped and didn't get out of their vehicles. At that point I went into the backyard and peered over the wall to the streets behind. First a few cruisers entered the cul de sac across the street, then more, then even more.

After seeing quite a few officers on the scene, I decided to skip exchanging the Colt for the Mak and broke out the Garand and Carbine instead. I didn't want to get caught in a firefight like the LA bank robbery and have some thugs running around the neighborhood shooting while the cops vainly tried to fight with shotguns and pistols. I was ready for whatever happened, even if it meant just handing my rifles to a police officer to put down the bad guys. Once I saw that the officers began putting on armor, I knew at least that wouldn't happen.

Once they were in position, they rolled into the cul de sac.

A few minutes later we were told by the officers to go back into our houses or leave the area as they were going in. We exited the area and just tried to see from the fence on the side yard. Nothing happened for a while then a flash bang grenade went off. The police called into the house demanding the suspect surrender and release his hostages. Nothing was heard for a while, then we could see from the back windows that some SWAT snipers were throwing rocks at an upper window of the house in question, probably to distract the person holed up inside.


And more nothing.

After at least thirty minutes had passed, we began to see police officers heading away from the house back to their units, some were already removing their body armor and helmets.

Once the CSI truck appeared, we knew whatever happened was over. No sounds, no gun battles, just silence.

I caught this video of a local news channel recording a spot for the afternoon news.

It appears that the perpetrator had already killed his wife and himself before police surrounded the house. More coverage here.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Were Warned About These Criminals....

Nothing but corrupt, nothing but evil.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Uh Oh, Trouble Brewing....

So even as many Europeon states head right, this country heads left. Even Israel isn't immune to stupidity.

Last weeks election there saw the left and right neck and neck in seats in the Knesset. Now one of the possible Prime Ministers, Tzipi Livni, has proposed that Israel give up some of its historic Land of Israel to the so-called Palestinians.

Not looking good from a biblical perspective, is it....

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Keep The Change, Dopes!!!!

Pam at Atlas Shrugs posted a little tidbit about some collectors coins honoring King Saul's® reign. Said coins were being hawked by Montel Williams.

Turns out these "coins" weren't some new striking by the mint or any other "mint," but regular old coins with stickers of The Chastisement® pasted on top of them!!!!

Haw, haw, haw!!! How many hopey, changey dopes spent their hard earned - or maybe not - money on fake Obama cash??? What a message of truth inadvertently gets out. The coins of real men, real Americans get defaced by a fraud, a phony. Cuts to the heart of the matter I'd say. Fake ruler covering over real public servants.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 12, 1809

Two hundred years ago today, a great president was born.

Some will honor him in deed today and some only with their lips.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Worthless Yellowbelly Now CinC, Worthless Yellowbelly To Return From Canada

A gutless coward now feels it's time to return home because he most likely feels he has a sympathetic, military hating CinC who won't prosecute him, the Enemy Press AP reports.

As usual, the anti-military enemy symp groups just want to help this traitor get back into the US. They're making him cry and say he didn't join the armed forces during wartime to hurt anybody.... He must have signed up for the free unicorns or something....

Of course, nothing much will happen to this guy. In fact, he'll probably get a ticker tape parade down fifth avenue....

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Chain Forging Has Begun

Fox News reports that the criminals in CONgress have approved the raping of America and have started the citizens on the road to serfdom.

This package will do nothing to restore the economy, but is solely intended to increase the power of the state over the individual. We warned you on many occasions that King Saul® had nothing but evil intent in his plans. The criminals in CONgress: Rep Frank, Sen Dodd and others are directly responsible for the problems in the economy today. They are the ones who caused it by forcing private companies to give money to those who would never be able to repay. Then when they were unable to pay and forced the lenders into financial straits, they loudly blamed the lenders. They blackmailed companies into doing their bidding, then they blamed the lenders for following their orders. No, none of these lenders would have gone so heavily into subprime mortgages unless forced to by the sinister leaders of CONgress.

But they continue to hold their seats of power instead of warming a seat at a sentencing hearing. Nearly all of CONgress can be considered corrupted meat. There aren't enough honest men and women left to uphold moral values and our birthright of freedom. Money and power have ruined the republic. Such foul vermin have no place in America, their true home is the defunct USSR.

Is there someone who can help free us from the grip of evil descended upon our country? Yes, and no. No, because there is no one of stature enough to lead anything at this point. Reagan is dead, he'll not return. But we do have someone. Someone unexpected, someone who is currently asleep. That someone is you. Yes, you. You have no power alone, you must band together with other like minded men and women who recognize what America means.

Mr and Mrs America, you'll have to save us. No man on a white horse is fit to lead our country out of the darkness it finds itself in. Join your local political organizations. Be it either D or R. Be vocal. Attend meetings. Write letters. Do whatever it takes to restore the parties to accountability to the people they claim to represent. There is no other way, don't look to men or women who have feet of clay, or can be bought off by shiny trinkets or positions of prestige. Together those of us who want America as it should be instead of another failed, collectivist state need to do the work ourselves. It will not happen on its own. Get up and work. Fight against the entrenched evil that has infected our republic. Read about the issues, read about the candidates, and vote. Vote out the vermin and vote in those who really have the desire to see America move towards what it should be, the beacon of individual freedom.

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Friday, February 06, 2009

King Saul® Decries Delays He Just Ordered!?

Was the real King Saul this much of an idiot????

The Enemy Press News Outlet AP reports that The Chastisement® is concerned that the murderous terrorists in Gitmo aren't getting swift justice. So, how exactly, is CANCELLING ALL THE MILITARY TRIBUNALS GOING TO HELP BRING SWIFT JUSTICE??!!??!! What is going on here? Is the Clown in Chief so dumb that he forgot he stopped the tribunals?

The sheer audacity of dope! Nothing but criminals in his cabinet, but Americans don't care. Trillions of dollars given out to crony leftist groups, but Americans don't care. The most corrupt misadministration ever, but Americans don't care. He's lied about his associates and his plans from the day he first wanted to be somebody. Now we're saddled with him for at least four years.

And no ammo anywhere!!!

Via Yahoo! News

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