Sunday, February 15, 2009

Keep The Change, Dopes!!!!

Pam at Atlas Shrugs posted a little tidbit about some collectors coins honoring King Saul's® reign. Said coins were being hawked by Montel Williams.

Turns out these "coins" weren't some new striking by the mint or any other "mint," but regular old coins with stickers of The Chastisement® pasted on top of them!!!!

Haw, haw, haw!!! How many hopey, changey dopes spent their hard earned - or maybe not - money on fake Obama cash??? What a message of truth inadvertently gets out. The coins of real men, real Americans get defaced by a fraud, a phony. Cuts to the heart of the matter I'd say. Fake ruler covering over real public servants.

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hnav said...

as Hillary would say,

"Cackle Cackle" !


like the new format at the mighty AH SHOOT !

black indeed.

dondad said...

Actually they are representative. A fake veneer that looks pretty covering up the real thing.

DirtCrashr said...

I laughed with some glee at the rip-off.