Friday, February 06, 2009

King Saul® Decries Delays He Just Ordered!?

Was the real King Saul this much of an idiot????

The Enemy Press News Outlet AP reports that The Chastisement® is concerned that the murderous terrorists in Gitmo aren't getting swift justice. So, how exactly, is CANCELLING ALL THE MILITARY TRIBUNALS GOING TO HELP BRING SWIFT JUSTICE??!!??!! What is going on here? Is the Clown in Chief so dumb that he forgot he stopped the tribunals?

The sheer audacity of dope! Nothing but criminals in his cabinet, but Americans don't care. Trillions of dollars given out to crony leftist groups, but Americans don't care. The most corrupt misadministration ever, but Americans don't care. He's lied about his associates and his plans from the day he first wanted to be somebody. Now we're saddled with him for at least four years.

And no ammo anywhere!!!

Via Yahoo! News

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GUYK said...

Yep...ammo is hard to find. But I have been telling you for the past year to buy precious metal...I have enough to fight a small war now