Monday, March 30, 2009

It's The Chicago Way, Or The Highway....

King Saul® has ordered the Chairman of General Motors to resign his position or else, according to Yes friends, nothing like the stench of statism. The Chastisement® has ordered the removal of the leader of a private company. The Occupied White House® demanded he leave, just as anyone of the many despots of the last century would have. Under the guise of receiving taxpayer money, the criminal who rules us has imposed his evil will on those who should not ever be subject to the demands of governments.

This is out and out criminality on the part of the Thug in Chief. This is un-American activity from an un-American usurper. The Republic is in danger every minute this criminal remains in our house. Refuse his unlawful orders, protest his evil acts, deny his authority. He has declared himself the enemy of the American Way. He's not one of us, he's the enemy. He has openly declared war on our way of life. Let's remove this stain as the first opportunity. Vote for Republican candidates at the next election. We can stymie his plans by taking one or both houses of Congress away from the criminal cabal headed by Pelosi or Senator Two Face. It's the only way to preserve our liberties.

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